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3 Useful Tips To Handle A Wet Weather Outdoor Wedding

3 Useful Tips To Handle A Wet Weather Outdoor Wedding

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Although more common, indoor weddings can be a bore sometimes. Some wedding couples opt for outdoor weddings because of what it can offer – beautiful natural scenery and breathtaking view. Of course, outdoor weddings are usually held near dusk and thus, providing a  romantic sunset ambience, which indoor weddings cannot offer. More importantly, it is less hot and humid to have it during the evening. But, what if it pours and drenches your wedding gown? What are you going to do? Do you have a contingency plan? If not, here are 3 useful tips to handle a wet weather outdoor wedding!

Useful Tips To Handle A Wet Weather Outdoor Wedding #1: Contingency Plan – Indoor Wedding Venue

The most logical thing to do if your outdoor wedding plan is destroyed by wet weather is to return indoors. Mother nature is pretty unpredictable, especially here on our Sunny island. A sudden heavy downpour can leave you helpless and lost. Hence, it is better to stay dry than sorry.

This means that a contingency plan to have your wedding event held elsewhere indoors should be done prior to your wedding day. If you have decided to have an outdoor wedding, it is also best advisable to book another venue indoor at the same time for just-in-case situations.

We say, it is best you book an indoor venue that is in close proximity to your outdoor venue. For example, if you are holding your outdoor wedding at the beach, booking a resort or chalet nearby would be most convenient for you and your wedding guests. This would also avoid confusing your wedding guests at the last minute about where to go.

Booking your indoor venue as early as possible is better than checking the weather forecast just a few days before your wedding day, and then scurrying around to find a suitable indoor venue. Last-minute booking usually brings disappointment. Plus, weather forecasts are not 100% accurate, so don’t count on them wholeheartedly.

However, you should also note that booking another venue renders a higher cost. You will most probably still have to pay a booking fee even if you do not end up using it. But that being said, you are ultimately paying for peace of mind.

Useful Tips To Handle A Wet Weather Outdoor Wedding #2: Notify Your Wedding Guests In Advance of any Change

Kudos to you if you have already gotten your contingency plan for the indoor venue settled.

But wait, have you forgotten something?

That’s right – your wedding guests!

Do not forget to inform your wedding guests of the alternative indoor venue in advance. Stating your indoor venue clearly on your wedding invitations is also a good idea. Should it rain before your wedding event even started, your wedding guests would know where to head straight to. It would not be nice for your wedding guests to make a wasted trip down to the outdoor venue, only to find out that nobody is there (remember, they wish to see you in that gorgeous wedding gown!)

Of course, there may still be some forgetful wedding guests or blur ones. Thus, it is good to delegate the task to notify all your wedding guests to your helpers. If you have a long list of wedding guests, getting more helping hands would be a good idea.

Useful Tips To Handle A Wet Weather Outdoor Wedding #3: Umbrella and Tentages

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So let’s say luck is 50-50 on your side and there is a slight drizzle…do you change location or continue your celebration in the outdoors?

If there is only a slight drizzle and nothing much is affected, you may consider staying outdoors.

However, it is always good to have the venue staff set up those tentages beforehand, just in case.

If tentages are not available, umbrellas would definitely come in handy. You can spice things up and inject more vibrancy by getting colourful and aesthetically appealing umbrellas! Umbrellas are also useful even if you get married indoors and there may not be shelter for your wedding guests coming in.

If you have got enough helpers at hand, assign a few to provide umbrellas between the car park and the venue. Your wedding guests would definitely feel welcomed and well looked after.


An outdoor wedding can be stressful if you do not know how to handle the wet weather. Of all 3 tips above, we advise that it is always better to be safe than sorry. Having a contingency plan is always the best because nobody can say for sure that a slight drizzle will not turn into a monstrous downpour!


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