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3 Useful Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

3 Useful Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

There is an abundance of wedding photographers in Singapore! This means one thing: you will be spoilt for choices.

However, the truth is you have no idea how to differentiate the good and the bad wedding photographers. As much as you want to have the best wedding photos, you probably don’t know who is able to give you what you want.

And what if you end up with the wrong wedding photographer? You will only be left with horrible wedding photos that you will chuck under your bed. You will be too ashamed to show anyone. In fact, you might play deaf when anybody asks you about them….

Okay it might be hard to play deaf but you will find any reasons to hide them.

That shouldn’t be the way…right? After all, you only have your wedding once! Wedding photos are for a lifetime and you don’t even have the second chance to reverse that. So here are 3 useful tips to choosing the right wedding photographer!

Useful Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer #1 : Quality Of Work

When we refer to quality of work, we don’t just mean onsite photography skills. Offsite photography skills are equally important as well. This is because both onsite and offsite would have an impact on the end product which is your wedding photographs

To determine if a wedding photographer has onsite photography skills, here are some simple questions you can ask yourself :-

  1. Does he have an eye for detail?
  2. Does he know how to capture your best angles?
  3. Does he know how to advise on poses especially when you are clueless? (for pre-wedding photography)
  4. Does he possess good technical knowledge such as lighting, composition and so forth? (This may be tricky for laypersons like us but this brings us to our point on portfolio further below)

These questions can only be answered during your research before you choose your wedding photographer. Reading up on reviews is always important so that you can ensure that your money is well-spent. We will deal with this under point 3 below.

Offsite photography skills refer to the editing skills. Usually, for pre-wedding photography, some wedding photographers may select a bulk of photographs for you to select. From there, you may actually determine if his selection is commendable or not.

Singpapore Pre-wedding Photography

Singpapore Pre-wedding Photography

When you are looking at the wedding photos, you can tell if the faces have been overly edited. This includes abnormally large eyes, stick thin arms that don’t match the body, overly airbrushed filters that remove the details of the gown.

The bottom line is, if you look at the wedding photos and feel that something is off, then chances are that they are really off the mark. Professionally edited photos look natural and effortless.

For plus-size brides (and grooms), you should not expect your wedding photographer to transform you into a totally different person. Imagine what others would say and think when they browse your photographs, and not being able to recognise you? Well, that would be awkward. Besides, you have to embrace yourself and not be obliged to conform to society’s standards,

We say, get your wedding photographer to professionally edit your flaws. This may include freckles, a little tummy tuck, slight toning of arms, slight editing to facial features to be more symmetrical (our faces are all asymmetrical anyway!). The bottom-line is minimal editing is better than over-doing it.

Useful Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer #2 : Years Of Experience As A Wedding Photographer

Not everyone who owns a DSLR is a professional photographer and not every professional photographer is a wedding photographer. This is one huge misconception wedding couples usually have.  And especially so for freelance photographers.

There are different spectrum to consider when it comes to wedding photography. A professional food photographer’s skillsets may not be applicable when it comes to wedding photography. Food is a non-living thing and humans are..the exact opposite. Hence, when dealing with humans, your wedding photographer needs to take into heavy account of certain aspects. These include your posture, facial expressions, poses, angles and so forth.

Singapore Pre-wedding Photography

Singapore Pre-wedding Photography

With that common advice of ‘Practice makes perfect’ in life, this is undoubtedly true for wedding photography as well. Hence, the more they practice in wedding photography, the better they will get. And that cannot happen overnight but over a few years of experience.

Thus, when one has a substantial years of experience as a wedding photographer, surely you would have higher expectations of him/her in their quality of work (refer back to point 1).

However, not to forget, you will need to check whether he/she is able to produce the type of wedding photography style you prefer.

Useful Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer #3 : Request For His Portfolio Samples

We cannot emphasise any further on the importance of requesting portfolio of real couples, instead of professional models. In this way, you will be able to judge better and relate to other real examples of other wedding couples.

During your assessment of his portfolio that you can actually ascertain and evaluate his quality of work. Although most wedding photographers put up their portfolio online these days, it is still more advisable to see the actual wedding photographs themselves. Moreover, you will also be able to check out the designs of the photograph albums they have to offer.

Singapore Pre-wedding Photography

Singapore Pre-wedding Photography


Besides photography skills, you need to be comfortable with your wedding photographer. When you are comfortable, only then you would be able to put on a natural smile on camera!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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