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3 Wedding Gown Myths You Need To Know Now!

3 Wedding Gown Myths You Need To Know Now!

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There are several wedding gown myths that are far from the truth. Here are 3 Wedding Gown myths you need to know now which we have debunked for you!

Wedding Gown Myth 1: White Wedding Gowns Are A MUST

There is no rule saying that wedding gowns must be in white. In fact, there is neither a right nor wrong colour when choosing your wedding gowns!

The history of how wedding gowns are often white was based on the belief that the colour symbolises purity. It was the eminent Queen Victoria who catapulted the white wedding gown to fame. However, this colour symbology might not be entirely true. White is also often associated with other meanings and beliefs. For example, in France, white is the traditional mourning color for royalty. What irony!

While traditional white wedding gowns were strongly influenced by Western countries, there should be some flexibility when choosing your bridal colours. Shades similar to white such as ivory, blush, champagne, and even light gold are also very popular colours for elegant brides.

Wedding Gown Myth 2: Finding the right wedding gown is only possible until a bride has achieved her desired size

Many brides-to-be are extremely conscious about their size and shape. Thus, they go on strict diet regimes, adhere to crazy exercise regimes, and so forth. It’s all about shedding some kilos to look good in their wedding gowns on their big day.

However, achieving the desired size takes time and what brides should also bear in mind is the time frame that is essential in a wedding preparation process. Last-minute shopping for wedding gowns may cause more panic because there would be several variants to choose from which requires some careful think-through.

Look for your perfect wedding gown in advance, especially if you are one who cannot make decisions easily and quickly. It does not matter if your wedding gowns are not suitable for your size yet but one thing to note is that your bridal boutique has the expertise to alter your wedding gown professionally for the right fit and that they are altered about one week prior to your wedding day!

Wedding Gown Myth 3: I Am A Plus-sized Bride, So I Will Never Look Gorgeous In A Wedding Gown

Enough of the stereotyping and discrimination against plus-sized people! Who said only slim brides can look amazing in a wedding gown. Size matters not in beauty! When a bride is confident, beauty will also be reflected upon her face, as proven when she walks down the aisle.

There are some useful tips that plus-sized brides may consider putting to use when choosing their wedding gowns. Such tips include choosing an A-line wedding gown that accentuates your womanly features. At the same time, brides may consider wearing Spanx underneath their wedding gowns for a slimmer appearance.

If you are confident of your figure and are blessed with feminine curves, you have got to opt for a wedding gown in a mermaid cut. Such designs will not only flaunt your figure but also enhance your confidence!

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