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3 Worst Wedding Planning Tips That Every Wedding Couple Should Avoid

3 Worst Wedding Planning Tips That Every Wedding Couple Should Avoid

Wedding – A once-in-a-lifetime happy occasion. Surely you want it to be as perfect as possible and we understand that.

Planning a wedding is very important, so that you have more control and also accommodate to your budget (if you have one). However, have you ever wondered if you are doing it right? To prevent jeopardising your wedding planning, you need to read on. Because today, we share what are deemed some of the 3 worst wedding planning tips that every wedding couple should avoid!

3 Worst Wedding Planning Tips That Every Wedding Couple MUST Avoid #1 : Changing Your Wedding Outfits Repeatedly At The Last Minute

One of the most exciting parts when it comes to planning your wedding, it is when you get to choose your wedding outfits! For most brides, choosing their wedding gowns holds much importance to them as every bride wants to look their prettiest and best on their big day. This is also why we have shared a substantial number of articles on wedding gown tips with you. For example, tall brides should consider getting their wedding gowns made-to-measure so that it has the perfect fit and length. Whereas for petite brides, simple and minimalistic wedding gown designs would look better on you. This is because a wedding gown with too many embellishments may look too overpowering.

Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns

Thus, by following our tips on choosing your wedding gowns, you should not go wrong. However, you need to be confident of your choices and refrain from being fickle-minded. This is also because if you were to change your wedding outfits at the very last minute, there may not be sufficient time to alter them. Worse still, your initial choice may have already been booked by someone else.

Plus, rechoosing, rechoosing, and rechoosing your wedding gown will only lead to unnecessary stress. Of course, the reason why you want to change is because you still want to find your dream wedding gown. The truth is, repeatedly changing your wedding gown will only add a lot more confusion instead of assurance. You will be trying so many wedding dresses that your dream wedding gown keeps changing.

Hence, we say, follow your heart and stick to it!

3 Worst Wedding Planning Tips That Every Wedding Couple MUST Avoid #2 : DIY everything

It is your wedding and we understand how personalised it should be. As a result, many brides tend to want to spend time and effort DIY-ing everything themselves. For example, the most common thing bride do is the wedding decorations. From sourcing materials, to buying the required equipment, to spending time and effort creating them, and fussing over how to perfect them…it can actually add on to the existing stress.

Plus you will be wasting so much time on putting them together….

DIY wedding decorations

DIY wedding decorations


Credits : OneWed

On top of that, the materials may actually costs even more. In fact, this may actually counteract paying someone to help you do your decorations for your or compared to buying them off-shelves. Remember, time is money.

Perhaps you can DIY some items, but be mindful to set a reasonable budget to work with. More importantly, DIY requires patience and time, so don’t leave them to the very last minute to do. A rushed work is usually not ideal. Check your schedule and always be on the ball.

3 Worst Wedding Planning Tips That Every Wedding Couple MUST Avoid #3 : Finalising Guests Seating Arrangement At The Last Minute

Speaking from experience, one of the major headaches you have to deal during your wedding planning is to try and find the perfect fit for the seating arrangement of your wedding guests. What is more challenging is that, most of the times, you can only plan your seating arrangement when your guestlist is more or less confirmed. This simply means that stage is usually left as one of the last things to settle before your big day.

M Hotel

M Hotel

Credit : Ideal Weddings/M Hotel

With time ticking away, there you are trying to fit a table of 10 guests (for hotel banquets). Then in comes a message from your friend saying that she is not on good terms with another friend. Hence, requesting you to separate their seats. While you scratch your head about this, another relative chimes in to let you know that she doesn’t want to sit beside a certain in law. However, it doesn’t make sense to separate them into different tables.

What do you do?

Trying to accommodate to your guests’ requests more often than not, mess up your plans. Trying to minimise your “losses” because having a table of less than 10 means you are footing the bill for 10 pax but receiving less than 10 red packets. We know that some of you may not agree that wedding should be this calculative, judging everything based on dollars and cents. However, truth be told, this is the actual reality that most, if not many, wedding couples are facing today.

Guests should respect the wedding couple. Afterall, it is a get-together event to celebrate the joyous occasion of the legal union of two people. We’d say, don’t wreck your brains and stress yourself up just to accommodate to each and every guest’s request. The thing you, you will never be able to please everyone.


To minimize stress and potential conflicts between the wedding couple, these are the 3 worst wedding planning tips that every wedding couple should avoid! Good luck and don’t sweat the small stuffs. Always remember that a wedding is for a day, but a marriage is for a lifetime.


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