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4 Amazing Lace Wedding Gowns For 4 Types Of Brides

4 Amazing Lace Wedding Gowns For 4 Types Of Brides

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When the topic is about lace wedding gowns, there will always be two categories of women in this world:

One who is a diehard fan and looks effortlessly elegant when she wears anything with lace. Then, there’s the other who has a deep hatred for lace because…well she just doesn’t look or feel that good in lace.

You know that’s true.

You got to admit that lace is one of the greatest inventions in the world. Throw in some lace and a simple design can turn into an expensive-looking piece! You will instantly turn from a typical girl next door into a symbol of beauty and class. Think of iconic figures like Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton. Their wedding dresses brought lace to a whole new level!

What’s more important is to select a gown that complements your style! You don’t want to wear something that makes people feel that you are trying too hard to emulate somebody.

Read more to find out what type of bride you are and see if we’re right about the choice of gown!

Wedding Lace Gowns #1 – The Bride who is a Romantic at Heart

Singapore bride in wedding gown with groom

Do you find tears rolling down when you watch any movie revolving around a love story? When you listen to sappy music, do you become so in tune with the lyrics that your mind starts to wander? You might probably think of yourself as the main character of some romantic adventure and the imagination starts to unfold?

Well, if you are guilty for doing the things above (you shouldn’t be, by the way), then it is your second nature to be romantic! You probably have a weakness to be serenaded to with love ballads and will invest lots of effort (and time) on handmade gifts. It might sound silly to others, but that’s your way of expressing your love! Your partner is so lucky to have you.

As a romantic at heart, you are likely to fall in love with this dress. The harmony between the flowing chiffon skirt and the lace appliques on the top is absolutely perfect for ladies who dreamt about whisking the aisle, like a damsel who is no longer in distress. Not to mention, the capped lace sleeves will bring out the girliness in you!

Of course, the back of the wedding gown is not neglected. With the chantilly wedding lace meticulously stitched onto the mesh on the back, you can bet that your guests will be deeply mesmerised by the beauty of this gown and the illusion of lace back.

Wedding Lace Gowns #2 –The Feminine and Classy Bride

bride in lace wedding gown gazing at groom

You are likely the kind of bride who is labelled as ladylike among your friends. When you hear a funny joke or witness something hilarious, people will never catch you breaking into raucous laughter or snort when you hear a funny joke! Instead, you will giggle politely. You will never be caught dead participating in uncouth topics too….or uncouth mannerisms (e.g burping).

If there’s a crime for this, it’s probably just how proper you are! This doesn’t mean you are totally girly. It’s just that you are well-mannered and behave in such a way that spur your female peers to behave ‘appropriately’ around you! Your partner probably fell in love with you because of how you carry yourself with class and elegance!

Hence, the most suitable wedding gown is one that is fully laced without that overwhelming effect. You will notice the delicate lace and the shimmering crystals are sewn close to one another, like lovers who will never separate and shine brighter when put together. What’s more, the only revealing bit of this piece is the back, with the deep V line that ends on the waistline. This is great for those who want to go for a gown that has that jaw-dropping effect without showing too much!

Just like the model in this photo, you can bun up your hair to reveal the nape of your neck. Your man will definitely be blown away by this ethereal look and of course, your elegance.

Lace Wedding Gown #3 – The Edgy and Modern Bride

modern singapore brides

As an edgy and modern bride, you’ve always found yourself ahead of trends! You like to experiment with new things, whether it turns out good or worse. After all, ideas are meant to be explored and tested out, not shuck into one corner of the brain. Also, you like to witness imagination come to life!

No doubt that your competitive and adventurous spirit keeps you on the watch for the latest fashion trends. The magical characteristic about you is how you manage to make it your own and not be seen as a copycat! Friends regularly come to you for advice on how to be more courageous! This is probably why your partner chose you to be in his life forever! He adores how you embrace the unfamiliar with such bravery. It is no wonder he is so and will always be captivated by your charisma.

Your ideal lace wedding gown should be one where your guests can easily differentiate the elements of the design. For example, this piece is specially put together in such a way where the details of the gown stand out on their own, and yet complement without stealing each other’s limelight. Instead of the typical sweetheart neckline, the embroidered crystals on the mesh boatneck line adds an edgy touch to the overall gown. To achieve the illusion of a smaller waist, you can add a beaded sash!

Plus, the laced bodice doesn’t just stop at the waistline. It is extended to the hips of the ivory tulle skirt, which is something you don’t see in most gowns. Not to mention, the silhouette of the gown will complement your figure and make you much more slender!

Lace Wedding Gowns #4 – The Conventional and Oriental Bride

singapore bride in lace out oriental gown

You have a deep respect for traditions and anything conventional. Unorthodox methods don’t sit well with you as there’s no guarantee of results! People may label you as the “orh biang”, but who really cares? They will be the first ones to run to you when they are confused about wedding traditions!

It is no surprise that you prefer to be in the background and not be under the limelight for too long. In fact, you might feel uncomfortable being around people because you would rather be alone with your music or even spend the time buried in novels you’ve read the umpteenth time. However, underneath that silent exterior lies a determined spirit who will never be influenced by current fads and trends. This is precisely why your partner loves you because of that!

Hence, this cheongsam cut is perfect for the oldie in you. From the high collar and the intricateness of the chantilly lace, it doesn’t reveal too much of you but elevates your personality by many folds. Furthermore, the mermaid gown features a natural waist in tulle and features a fully laced back which is slightly transparent!


Do you feel that the above descriptions fit your style? Let us know about it!

If you want to know what kind of style suits you, you can email us at Alternately, you can visit our collections or like us on our Facebook page.

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