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4 Bridal Thoughts As She Tries On Her Wedding Gowns

4 Bridal Thoughts as She Tries On Her Wedding Gowns

Singapore bridal gowns under the sun

Wedding gowns are a major factor in most weddings – there is no denying that! Brides usually wear a huge smile on their faces when they’re trying out their gowns and it is the best fit. But what are the real bridal thoughts that flood through their minds? 

La Belle Couture breaks down the concerns and satisfaction experienced during a crucial stage of the wedding preparation. 

Bridal Thoughts during Wedding Gown Fitting #1: Do I Need to Lose Weight?

SG brides with wedding thoughts

This is a kinder variation of the classic “do I look fat?” question. It is self-directed and often gets brides to view themselves at all angles – even angles that guests won’t consider. Some brides might follow up the thought by pinching their tummies and it might give them a mini frown on their pretty faces. 


Yes, it is common for brides to follow a diet routine before their big day. However, don’t be overly bothered by the fit of your gown. Modern wedding gowns come in various sizes so it is quite easy to find one that will suit you. 


Alternatively, you could always customise a fit for more personalised apparel. Either way, you’re going to look absolutely stunning. 

Bridal Thoughts during Wedding Gown Fitting #2: Hair and Makeup

singapore bride looking at bouquet

You’ve got your wedding gown ready and all set? 

Great, but that is ONLY one-third of your prep done. Hair and makeup are essential in making a bridal outfit pop. Some brides may find themselves at a loss due to the insane amount of options. 

After all, you only get one chance to do it right and decision paralysis is real. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

There are two main factors that can shape your decision. 

  1. The style you’re hoping to achieve or inspired
  2. Your wedding theme

For example, if you’re opting for a natural look in an outdoor affair, aim for nude or mauve hues on the lips, pink blush, and iridescent highlight to create the dewy look.

Pair the look with a soft bun hairdo that complements your gown style.

P.S. Pinterest has LOADS and LOADS of inspirational pins to get you started on the right track. 

Of course, if you’re still in doubt, speak to an MUA and hairstylist. Let the professionals guide you to that look you can’t quite put into words. 

Bridal Thoughts during Wedding Gown Fitting #3: Purchase or Rental?

bride lying down in wedding dress

It is tempting to own your wedding gown as a sentimental piece of history. Especially when you realise just how amazing you look and feel in it. And you can keep this dress forever or even pass it down to your family member. 


However, rental is usually the practical choice. 


Here are two questions to help you make the right choice. 


  1. Are you willing to spend more on your wedding gown? 

The price difference between rental and purchase is quite huge. The budget is usually the first thing to consider. And usually, it is not local culture (for Singapore) to purchase a gown.


  1. Do you have the storage space for it? 

Wedding gowns are usually puffy with lots of fabric and require maintenance from time to time. You need to set up a proper place to store your gown or it will gradually wear out. And it’ll not be in a wearable condition afterwards.


However, if you answered yes to both questions, go ahead and make that purchase! You will have this timeless and sentimental piece to remind you of the feeling of walking down the aisle.


Some creative brides have even decided to restyle their old gowns for everyday wear. That is certainly one cool way to relive your wedding!

Again, Pinterest is your best friend. There are lots of inspirations!


Often-overlooked Bridal Thought during Wedding Gown Fitting: Do I Look Gorgeous?

bride with veil huggling groom

Yes, yes, and yes. You will look good in any gown as long as you’ve got the confidence to wear it. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You could always seek the opinion of your partner, family and friends. But ultimately, they’re just feedback and the final decision lies with you. 


Whats important is how you feel about the dress, because on that big day, YOU are wearing that dress.


Why? Because you’re the bride and the star attraction for your big occasion! You call the shots, so go own that walk!




We’re sure there are hundreds of other bridal thoughts that might present themselves as you try your gown. But we hope we’ve helped you with these 4 popular ones. What are the first thoughts that might come to mind during your fitting? How would you deal with them? 


Come share it with us! La Belle Couture is always interested to learn more from our wonderful brides!


Also, feel free to connect with us on social media if you have any questions or queries that you need help with.


We’re always here for you!

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