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4 Cool Tips On Choosing The Ideal Bridesmaids

4 Cool Tips on Choosing the Ideal Bridesmaids

By Laurenzo Overee

A wedding involves more than two people. We have probably made that statement in the past, and we’d like to emphasise how true it is! But this time around, we’d like to shine the spotlight specifically on bridesmaids. 

Bridesmaids are like your maidens-in-arms, ever ready to assist you with the big day while you look perfect in your wedding gown. Your partner has a brotherhood of groomsmen prepared to undergo all challenges with/for him – why should you be alone?

But with that said, you shouldn’t just settle for the first single ladies on your contact list. You should conduct a strict bridesmaid selection process for the ideal fit. After all, it’s a milestone event in your life, and you deserve the best company!

Bridesmaid Selection Tip #1 – Choose an Even Number 

Before getting down to the more detailed aspects of selecting a bridesmaid, we recommend choosing an even number. Four and six are the most popular numbers of bridesmaids in a group – any more, and it might seem like you got a platoon of guards. 

Why even? It’s all for the sake of symmetrical wedding photography – balancing the number of bridesmaids flanking you on each side. An uneven number will seem off-putting as if somebody was absent for the wedding – or like hair sticking out from an otherwise perfect hair bun.  

Bridesmaid Selection Tip #2 – They Should be Familiar

Ideally, every member of your bridesmaid entourage should know each other – and preferably well! By having it so, you’ll see great chemistry among the ladies as they collaborate like clockwork to support you in your wedding decisions. 

But sometimes, we understand how you’d want to include that beloved cousin in an exchange program in Tanzania. If so, plan for a get-together/ice-breaking session with the other bridesmaids before the wedding. Let your bridesmaids mingle and have everyone feel comfortable working together. Trust us – such measures will pay off when you have a smooth and unforgettable celebration.  

Bridesmaid Selection Tip #3 – Avoid the Busy Bees

So you’ve got a really close friend who understands you inside out. She’s funny, helpful, and caring. Plus, she’s single and seems like the perfect bridesmaid material. Unfortunately, she takes twenty years to reply to a text message, and she’s always preoccupied with something. So what do you do? Disqualify her. 

Being a bridesmaid is a heavy responsibility – it’s more than showing up for the wedding. You’ll need someone who can make time for the multiple wedding gown fittings, photography sessions, rehearsals, etc. Always go with someone you can trust to show up – if possible, make it a prerequisite. 

Bridesmaid Selection Tip #4 – Trust Your Heart

Here’s probably the most important tip – trust your instincts. Just as you selected the perfect partner – trust your heart when appointing your bridesmaids. It’s your wedding, a fantastic day in your life that you’d want to share with the most wonderful people who bring you joy! 

So don’t cave in to pressure (i.e., bridesmaids recommended by your fave aunt, although you barely know their names). Only reach out to those you love and trust – and it’s a plus if they have an emotional or hilarious memory to share at the banquet!




Bridesmaid selection is merely one of the many steps involved in the wedding process. We at La Belle understand how confusing and unnerving the prep work can get for some couples. So if you’re ever in need of assistance, know that we will do what it takes to realise your dream wedding – for better or better – we will see it through for you!

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