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4 Creative Wedding Favours For Your Guests

4 Creative Wedding Favours for Your Guests

Wedding favours are an effective way to spruce up the dining table at the banquet. Unfortunately, there have been many unoriginal ideas that have been done a billion times (i.e. chopsticks and keychains). Wedding favours shouldn’t be dull and simply a usual part of a wedding routine!  

La Belle has come up with alternatives that will make your gifts more meaningful and appealing.  When done right, you might even get your guests breaking the ice and chatting among themselves over the wedding favours!

Creative Wedding Favours #1: Customised Playing Cards

Playing cards are popular fixtures in many parties and gatherings. Consider personalising a set of playing cards with stunning images from your wedding photography. These services are available in certain print shops or may be arranged with your wedding photographer. 


Provide guests with a practical mini photo album from your big day! These cards are unlikely to be played since they are essentially priceless keepsakes. Though we can imagine how much fun and laughter it would bring to a family. Just imagine a player revealing the bride as the queen of hearts!

Creative Wedding Favours #2: Mini Beverages

Nobody ever said that the celebration should stop after the event! Mini beverages are the ideal wedding favour for guests who wish to continue their toasts at home. These small bottles of joy may contain any type of drink according to your preference. Champagne, cocktails, or red wine, are some favourites that are commonly associated with the wedding scene. 

Embellish bottles with monograms of the couple’s names, wedding photos, or couple caricatures for the best presentation.  

Creative Wedding Favours #3: Couple-made Cookies

Few things speak louder from the heart than homemade treats. Individually packed cookies made and prepared by the couple are a perfect way of showing appreciation for guests. Couples may consider an assortment of cookie flavours to add variety to the wedding favours. 

Make the gift more special by adding some footage of the cookie-making process in your wedding photography montage! Couples must be prepared to take time from their busy wedding schedule if they’re planning to go this extra mile!

Creative Wedding Favours #4: Wedding Storybook

Remember those lovely stories you used to read as a child? Your wedding is the golden opportunity to share your very own happily-ever-after. After all, you’re looking all gorgeous in your wedding gown and ready to impress. Collate the most beautiful memories from your romantic tale. Then, compose your story in a booklet for your guests! Keep the content mostly visual and less wordy – guests probably aren’t keen to read mile-long essays! 


Include key chapters like “destined first meeting” and “the in-laws”. Don’t forget an imageless final chapter where guests can paste photos taken during the wedding to play a part in the story. 


This doubles up as an interactive wedding and a very meaningful wedding favour!




Creativity and thoughtfulness will pay off with wedding favours. It is all about leaving a favourable impression with your unique tale of love. As one wedding favour message sums it up, “a sweet thank you from us to you on the day we said I do.”


Have a great Labour Day! Take care and stay safe during this crucial period of the Circuit Breaker. We’re all in this together!

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