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4 Essential Roles At A Wedding You Cannot Miss,  Aside From The Bride & Groom

4 Essential Roles at A Wedding You Cannot Miss, Aside From The Bride & Groom

Essential roles at a wedding goes beyond the bride and groom walking hand-in-hand through everlasting love and harmony. How smooth the wedding goes depends on the contribution of unsung heroes!

Just like how a successful movie requires strong supporting roles, a wedding ceremony requires trustworthy and reliable people in helping with the preparations, especially when things get a little too stressful for the bride and groom. 

This article looks at some of the quintessential roles in a wedding that all brides should consider before making their triumphant walk down the aisle. 


Essential Role #1: The Bridesmaids 

Bridesmaids are such interesting people that they made a movie about them! These lovely ladies in attendance are the support pillars for the bride, before and during the wedding.

These amazing ladies can assist in many ways, from preparing the make-up of the bride to ensuring she doesn’t trip on the train of her wedding gown as she walks the aisle. Not forgetting, they are ferocious guards in traditional gate-crashing ceremonies. As the bride waits for the groom to fetch her, they will be the ones in charge of “tormenting” the groom and his groomsmen. This is one way to show how much the groom loves the bride and to what length is he willing to go to!

But take heed, bridesmaid wars may arise if you choose incompatible people! There are some friends who are great with conversations, but not so much when it comes to logistics and work delegated to them. So, you have to pick your A team who are willing to go to any length to assist you.  After picking the ladies, the next thing is to foster a strong rapport among your bridesmaids before the wedding. You can arrange lunches or high tea sessions, mingle a little and get to know each other beforehand. 

Also remember to inform your bridesmaids to don dresses that complement your gown for your wedding photography, which can really bring out the vibrancy in your images when planned right!   


Essential Role #2: The Adorable Flower Girls

These are the sweet little angels who will leave a trail of flower petals along the aisle, paving the way for your happily-ever-after. They are like cupids that add to the blissful mood of the ambience!

Traditionally,flower girls are dressed in pristine white while donning floral headdresses. To be selected as the flower girl is usually like a badge of honour for them ladies! 

As the bride and groom, it is important to assure them and conduct rehearsals before the big day. That way, they will be familiarised with their role. The last thing you want is a screaming kid running in the opposite direction!

Essential Role#3: Best Men

While it is common to thank the bridesmaids for their hard work, we cannot forget the men who stayed by the groom’s side.  These are the stoic soldiers of the bridegroom, who will soak up the bullets of shame during his gate-crashing ceremony. Usually, the antics include embarrassing performances, eating very weird (and awful) concoctions and more. Talk about essential roles at a wedding!

At the same time, these men help the groom by drinking his share of alcohol. It is common for guests to celebrate the wedding with a toast. That might be a lot of alcohol …yikes. So the groomsmen come into the picture by helping the groom take the hit! Usually fun-loving people really, but always watch their drinks. Always.     

Essential Role #4: Minister/Priest/ Master of Ceremony

We have reserved the top of the essential roles for a wedding specially for the end. We are talking about the folks who make it official: the ministers and priests who oversee the exchange of the wedding bands and officially bind two hearts together.Without them, well, the ceremony simply cannot go on!

There are many personalities out there, so keep an eye and an ear out for testimonies from past brides to learn more about each one before soliciting the best service. An uncharismatic speaker can make your ceremony dull and sombre while dynamic individuals can effectively engage the crowd and raise the mood for everyone in attendance, making the whole affair much more memorable! 


Choosing the right people for the right role is perhaps as important as selecting the ideal wedding gown. Every moment should be made seamless and unforgettable as you express your love for your partner. 

We hope the article has drawn some attention to the roles that might have been overlooked as you busy yourself with wedding preparations. After all, we are here to help brides achieve their dream wedding 😊  


Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 

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