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4 Essential Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Reception

4 Essential Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Reception

Wedding planning encompasses many aspects, from planning on the type of wedding gown to go for, to arrange a date to select your dream wedding dress, to scheduling your wedding photoshoot, and even setting aside time to purchase all your wedding accessories!

However, planning for your wedding reception is equally daunting. Ensuring that everything breezes through smoothly is a quite a tall order!There are a handful of issues which you need to consider for your actual wedding day.

Reading this article should shed some useful insights which aids when you plan your wedding reception event. So, enjoy!

Essential Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Reception #1 : Venue

Of course, the very first consideration should be your wedding venue! It should be able to comfortable accommodate the number of wedding guests you intend to invite. Therefore, there are many factors to consider when selecting the suitable wedding venue!

Mandarin Oriental Singapore Wedding Venue

Mandarin Oriental Singapore Wedding Venue

The first factor is the space of the wedding venue and the number of table it can accommodate. There are certain venues that put a limit to the number of tables, so it is advisable to check on that prior to making any arrangement. That way, you won’t be making a wasted trip down when you view the wedding venue.

Another factor to note is the layout of the venue. There are certain locations that have a wide space with no obstructions (e.g pillars), offering a bird’s eye view of what’s happening at the wedding.

Mandarin Oriental Singapore Wedding Venue

Mandarin Oriental Singapore Wedding Venue


In the past, we have seen how wedding ceremonies are usually held at hotels. This is because hotels have the spatial capacity, staff, beautiful decorations and prestigious status that are all suitable for a wedding reception. However, the recent trend of holding celebrating weddings at cafeterias, beaches and restaurants has been on the rise.

What is your take on this? You can leave your comment in this blog post!

Essential Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Reception #2 : Auspicious Timing and Date!

Wedding receptions are not simply split into whether it is a lunch or dinner! In Singapore, most couples based the start of the wedding on the auspicious timing. How does it work?

Well, the timing (along with the wedding date) are determined by the 8 Characters of both the bride and groom. Why do couples do so? Well, it is believed that having an auspicious date and timing will pave the way of happiness in a marriage and reduce obstacles along the way.

Once you have received the timing, will you be able to plan the time for your make up artist, wedding photographer and close loved ones to be at your place to prepare for the tea wedding ceremony. There are couples whose timings are at 7am, which means the bride has to be up at 3am to do her make up! Yikes!

Usually, you would need to arrange an appointment with an established geomancer  to get your dates and timings. If you are not that particular, then you can just simply rely on the Tong Shu.

Auspicious Timing and Date For Wedding Ceremony

Auspicious Timing and Date For Wedding Reception


Essential Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Reception #3 : Duration of Your Wedding!

If you decide to hold your wedding reception at hotels, the duration of the event is more or less fixed. Regardless of wedding lunches or dinners, the usual duration is approximately 4 hours. Taking into account of some delays here and there, the whole event might stretch to 4.5 or even 5 hours.

However, if you decide to throw your wedding party at cafeterias, beaches or restaurants, the duration of renting the wedding venue may differ. In such a case, you should decide what activities will be carried out during your wedding reception. Will there be games to play? Or will you and your groom be singing your hearts’ out? Whatever you have in mind, you will need to take into account that it affects your timeline and eventually, the whole duration of your wedding reception.

Essential Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Reception #4 : Have Enough Rehearsals!

If you intend to have some activities/performances during your wedding, then you can consider arranging rehearsals to prepare yourself on the big day.

For example, there are couples who want to have their first dance during their wedding as a married couple. While it might be difficult to rehearse in your wedding gown (since usually wedding dresses are usually rented and are subject to availability), you can opt to wear a long skirt of yours to rehearse in! Alternatively, there are brides who wear a different costume instead of the wedding dress. In any case, it is recommended to have rehearsals! The last thing you want is to fall flat on your face. Horror oh horror!

And even if you don’t intend to have any performances, it would be advisable to rehearse walking down the aisle in your wedding heels. Wedding gowns usually weigh between 7 to 10kg, which is not something you wear on a daily basis. In order to get used to it, you can practise walking in heels when you are out. Start from 2 inch heels, and increase it as you get more comfortable!










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Planning your wedding reception is not the same as the usual wedding planning we speak about. Specific issues such as those mentioned above and which we think are essential, should be the considerations you take into account when planning your wedding reception!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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