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4 Golden Must-haves In Your Wedding Invitation

4 Golden Must-haves in Your Wedding Invitation

By Laurenzo Overee

A wedding invitation means a great deal – it’s the call for an RSVP and a card that sets the stage for your wedding. Plan it well, and your guests will be thrilled to become a part of the occasion. Rush through it without much thought, and you might suffer a low turnout. 

While a wedding is mainly about professing your love, your invitation reflects the amount of thought placed into the celebration. Guests do pay attention to the tiniest details – they are, after all, taking time out of their schedules just for you. 

So let’s start your wedding on a good note – with an invitation that previews an unmissable event. 

Wedding Invitation Must-Have #1 – Dress Code

It’s assured that you’ll look gorgeous in your wedding gown while your partner looks suave in his suit. But how will your guests dress for the occasion? Provide dress code details on your wedding invitation to ensure that everyone comes dressed in suitable attire. 

A synchronised look makes for better wedding photography. And remember to keep every guest in the loop. The last thing you want is someone to feel awkward and out of place (think floral motifs amid a sea of black & white – yikes). For a bonus effect, create some engagement on the part of your guests. If you’re planning a casual garden affair, encourage guests to let their hair down with comfy attires and shoes. 

Wedding Invitation Must-Have #2 – Stylised Fonts 

Words mean a lot in a wedding invitation – so consider beautifying them with an alluring, stylised font. Leave standard font for the office email or WhatsApp – a wedding invitation deserves much better! Rosalinda and Humble Heart scripts are exceptionally romantic and will add much elegance to your delivery. 

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes – receiving an invitation conveyed in a flat text versus one expressed with lovely cursive words. It’s like wearing an ordinary casual dress for your wedding versus a resplendent ballgown wedding dress. First impressions count!

Wedding Invitation Must-Have #3 – Monogram Seals 

Monograms are stylish and classy variations of your initials. The Channel logo is a world-renowned example of a monogram. Royalty and aristocrats applied these stylish sign-offs to their most precious letters. When someone received these letters, they immediately knew it warrants swift attention. 

Since you’re going to feel and look every bit of a queen in your wedding gown – why not add monogram seals to the envelopes of your wedding invitations? Skip the boring tape or glue – go for something more majestic. If you’re opting for a digital invitation instead, no problem, add an interactive monogram seal – it works just like the real thing. 

Wedding Invitation Must-Have #4 – Decor

Ribbons, glitter, borders, vignettes, and the list goes on. A plain, unembellished card does not pack the same punch as one filled with mesmeric decor. These decorations offer the recipient a 3D experience that goes beyond words. But remember to decorate in moderation – you want to avoid having your invitation looking like a preschooler’s teacher’s day card. 




Remember that your wedding invitation is a beautiful summary and representation of what your guests can expect. Your invitation should also clarify basic info such as venue, date, and time of the event – leave nothing vague. With the proper layout, you will enjoy the company of happy guests and an unforgettable event beyond compare.


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