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4 Great Reasons To Get An Anniversary Wedding Photoshoot

4 Great Reasons to Get an Anniversary Wedding Photoshoot

Bride and groom wedding photoshoot

By Laurenzo Overee

Let’s consider a thought. So you might sit on a couch one random day, reminiscing over your wedding photography. You marvel at your immaculate makeup and hair or spot the charming smile of your hubby. It’s all great, but they are mere memories of a distant past. So, why not relive those moments with a fun photoshoot?

Yes, we’re alluding to an anniversary wedding photoshoot. It’s the chance to prove the “happily ever after” that you desired at the aisle “X” years ago. You’ll love it. You’ll spice up your relationship, and it’s also time to showcase what experience has taught you. 

Anniversary Wedding Photoshoot Reason #1 – Relive the Memory 

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Maybe you miss the joyous feeling of being a blushing bride with exciting adventures awaiting you in married life. Perhaps your wedding photography pictures and videos no longer satisfy you. An anniversary wedding photoshoot takes nostalgia one step further by re-experiencing the process. 

Choose the exact locations and, if possible, the same wedding dress/outfits, and become that beautiful bride again. Perhaps this time, with more gusto!

Anniversary Wedding Photoshoot Reason #2 – Try a Different Style

Romantic wedding anniversary photoshoot

Perhaps five years ago, you decided on a wedding photography package due to budget constraints.  Looking back at your old photos, you might have realised that the chosen style didn’t suit you after all. You feel that you can do so much better now. 

But life isn’t about regrets. It’s about learning, improving, and doing things better. An anniversary wedding photoshoot allows you to make things right by updating your bridal look. It’s the chance to try an alternate image or shoot venue that you passed on the first time. 

Have fun, and don’t sweat your decision. This time around, focus entirely on the shoot; there’s no ceremony to stress you out. 

Anniversary Wedding Photoshoot Reason #3 – Provide a Wedding Update!

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Married life should be a fantastic journey for two souls bonded in love. What better way to express that journey than an anniversary wedding photoshoot? 

You might bear some graying strands of wisdom or include your silly children (or even grandchildren!) in the shoot. Regardless, the images from your anniversary shoot are testimony that everlasting love exists.   

For a beautiful comparison, consider displaying your new photos with the ones from your pre-wedding days. A happy marriage should age like fine wine, and you’ll have the pictures to prove it. 

Anniversary Wedding Photoshoot Reason #4 – Lost and Found

La belle couture wedding photography

It’s a bit of a long shot, but if you’ve been married for a while, you might have lost your pre-wedding photos. You might have shifted your house a gazillion times or travelled between countries – it’s possible! We’re talking a long time ago, before cloud-stored digital copies. 

Why preserve the memories in your mind when an anniversary photoshoot can serve as a pretty souvenir? Plus, you get to try gorgeous new wedding dress styles that weren’t around back in your day!




Whether you’re a first-time bride or celebrating your anniversary, La Belle Couture has an excellent selection of wedding photography packages to suit your desires. If you’re ever in doubt, contact our experts, and we’ll guide you in the right direction. So, the only question left is – are you ready for your close-up? 


Drop us a message on Facebook if you’d like to share some anniversary photography ideas, or check out our collection to check out our latest bridal offerings. 

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