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4 Legitimate Yet Common Wedding Concerns Brides-To-Be Always Have When It Comes To Their Big Day!

4 Legitimate Yet Common Wedding Concerns Brides-To-Be Always Have When It Comes To Their Big Day!

As your wedding day draws ever closer, do you feel a creeping sense of paranoia and get overly conscious about fitting into your gown? Not forgetting the disappointment of expectation versus reality. And as Murphy’s Law would have it, everything you expect to go wrong, certainly will!

No more worries! We have identified the common wedding concerns that brides-to-be face and assure you that there is nothing that cannot be fixed. So, sit back and relax as we soothe your mind to get you prepared for your splendiferous wedding day!

Wedding Concerns #1: My Biggest Woe Is Wearing My Beautiful Wedding Gown That Doesn’t Fit!

Spotted the perfect wedding gown at the store? Check. Feel like you’ll own the show as you make your way down the aisle? Check. Confident that you will fit into your wedding gown a month after the fitting? Uh-oh.

Of course, you absolutely have to wear a wedding gown that will take everyone’s breath away (especially your groom!). However,  what’s more important is to ensure the wedding gown is of a good fit.

What do we mean by this? Take a minute to imagine wearing your beautiful wedding gown that is lopsided! Or an alluring mermaid bridal dress that have unsightly bulges on the hips? Yikes.

Prior to taking your wedding gown back to your home, you need to wear it to see if it fits you like a glove without any discomfort. Does it emphasise the areas you aren’t most confident about? That’s what you need to look out for!

The one thing we heard from our past brides is how they have to be cautious of the food to avoid the belly bulge. As the wedding gowns are usually altered to be more fitting, one way to avoid that (without fainting from hunger) is to eat in bite size quantities.

Wedding Concerns #2: Will My Actual Day Wedding Videographer And Photographer Capture The Moments I Want?

The folks at La Belle Couture believe that wedding days are joyous affairs to be cherished and immortalised in photos and videos!  Therefore, we strongly urge that you take all precaution for your shoots! (while having fun of course!).

There are many brides who fear that their hired wedding photography and/or videographer professional would trip up on things. This may lead to unglamorous shots, blurred photos and poorly timed frames.

The greatest concern perhaps, is that none of the priceless moments in your wedding can be duplicated, blink and you will miss it! There are no two ways about it, so be extremely careful when choosing your professional for wedding photography or wedding videography!

We highly recommend that you take a thorough look at the portfolio of the prospective professional you have in mind. Chances are, if the photographer has accrued multiple testimonials from happy clients, you may be rest assured that even your most candid moments will be transformed into prized shots.

Wedding Concerns #3: Bridesmaid Drama That You Have NO TIME For.

Wedding concerns singaporean brides have

Gather the right group of bridesmaids and you will feel blessed! End up with a mismatch of personalities? Then welcome to an ugly sight happening right before your eyes …and your big day!

After all, this is your amazing day! You don’t need unnecessary gossip, quarrel and wet blankets to make your wedding planning less bearable!

To prevent all that negativity (who needs it anyways), make sure that you group bridesmaids that can get along. After that, get them to officially meet over a nice lunch or high tea. That way, everyone will be familiar with each other and it will be easier to discuss about wedding ideas.

The last thing you want is a bridesmaid feeling and looking out of place, which would certainly reflect badly on you!

Wedding Concerns #4: Dealing With Rowdy Guests and Chaotic Scenes

Sometimes, the worry may stem from your guest list: the third uncle may have a grudge against seventh aunt, or your neighbour’s husband turns unbearable after his second glass of wine.

When it comes to sitting arrangements, plan as carefully as you can. If many of your wedding attendees tend to get rowdy when a bit tipsy, it might be advisable to remove alcohol from the banquet menu altogether to avoid a full-out brawl!

Our partner, Rosette Designs & Co, has a team of wedding coordinators who will help ensure your day goes accordingly. On top of that, they will help assess situations to ensure that none of these dramas become too much to handle!


We hope that you feel less unsettled after reading our guide! Remember, there will be challenges to every wedding, but we trust that you have the power to make yours perfect!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!


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