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4 Questions to Ask to Craft a Unique Photoshoot Just for You

The question that never fails to fascinate us year after year of working with our couples for their weddings is this: “What was the story of the two of you?”

By law of numbers, people may share the same wedding venue, similar proposal types and wedding themes… you get the point. The thing that every single couple has that is distinctively different from every other couple is their own story.

Being distinctive and to find their own identity is something important to many couples nowadays when they are thinking of planning their wedding photoshoot. Besides gorgeous wedding gowns and radiant makeup and hairstyles, documenting snippets of your journey together serves as a very unique way to document your story for your pre wedding photoshoot.


How you got to know each other?

Was it love at first sight, puppy love; through a friend; a long lost classmate years ago; ex-colleagues; common hobbies; at a bar; or even through a facebook friend request?


When did you start to feel that special ‘thing’ / How did you realize that you have found ‘THE ONE’?

Late night studying together; enjoying a same activity; he/she speaking up for you over a difficult situation; covering up for you for a mistake made; over a special dinner conversation that made you realize that you share the same values; when you found out that he/she is the kind person you’ve always liked; when you realized how nice he/she treats his/her and even your parents; when you realize that you are starting to envision your lives together in the future; when you are imagining how your future kid will look like?

How’s your dating process like? What are your most memorable experiences?

Late night supper, movie nights, working out at the gym or sharing a common sporting interest like watching EPL matches wearing matching jerseys; cheering each other in inter varsity sporting events, studying late into the nights, mugging your way for the final exams; having endless things to chat about every night, talking till dawn; exploring different yummy food and cafes to eat, traveling to other countries for new experiences?


How was the proposal like?

Was it at a cinema full of patrons who are actually your friends; were you tricked into a routine birthday celebration or party only to be ambushed by your friends; was it at a nice intimate restaurant; was it at the beach with petals and tea light candles forming the words “Marry me”; was it in a romantic hotel or resort when you were just chilling out; did he dress up as your favourite mascot; were there fireworks with even videography services to eternalize the moment; during an overseas trip, unusually wearing a smart shirt with a big bouquet of flowers in a busy street, flash mob?

Whatever your story is, remember that it is about the two of you. Some brides to be flinch a little when asked about their proposal story. While some gladly share their tales, others shyly say, “mine is not special enough, you should ask another person.”

A proposal, a wedding, is really not a performance, and it cannot get any further than a competition of entertainment value and showmanship. It is at the fundamental level, a celebration of love and your declaration of love to each other. While it is important to take care of your guests, they are really just there to be happy for you, and not to judge you or your event. For those who do judge and pass unnecessary criticisms, feel free to ignore them and their negativity. Do not feel bad or sorry about doing that.

Back to the photoshoot. Go through the above points, we’re sure that you will enjoy talking through these points leading up to your wedding, and it will help to form ideas and themes for your shoot and even your wedding day decorations. Share these ideas with your photographer and your wedding planner. You will be delighted how the ideas get executed and you get something just for the two of you. Simple and Stylish.

What’s your story? Send your story to be published and any questions to: Get your questions answered today!

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