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4 Questions To Ask When Planning A 2022 Wedding

4 Questions to Ask When Planning a 2022 Wedding

Weddings have been going on for hundreds of years. While the core idea of matrimony remains the same (i.e., a blissful union of two lovers), bridal trends and styles change all the time. La Belle looks at four essential questions to tackle for brides planning a 2022 wedding affair. Don’t worry; we’ll provide some guidelines to get you going smoothly each step of the way!

2022 Wedding Question #1 – What’s Your Budget? (Reevaluation)

Like it or not, the wedding budget steers your prep work. However, that is not to say that affordable weddings require you to settle for something far from your vision.  Remember, there are many costs to include (some of which may seem hidden, e.g., wedding car decor), and you need to plan meticulously to prevent a rude shock at the end of the wedding. 

All the disclaimers above apply to a regular time. But we’re talking 2022, a year that probably carries the pandemic’s financial and social burdens. 2022 might require asking yourself if there are any ways to optimize cost during the economic recovery. Also, will spending a large sum leave you financially vulnerable in the near future? There are the honeymoon and happily-ever-after, which carry separate price tags. 

If in doubt, speak to a bridal consultant (we got amazing ones at La Belle Couture) for a breakdown of spending and how you can create magic without breaking the bank. 

2022 Wedding Question #2 – What Are the New Wedding Norms?

COVID-19 brought along several changes to the wedding scene. Most guests would have attended several big days during the time and established some new norms. For example, guests may continue to expect top-notch hygiene standards (sanitizer stations on-site) and QR coded/live-streamed footage. It’s beneficial to observe these new norms. 

While these wedding measures aren’t necessarily mandatory, they may keep your guests satisfied and comforted. Humans are, after all, creatures of habit. And you’d receive bountiful blessings from joyful attendees. 

2022 Wedding Question #3 – What’s the Latest Look?

There are few perennial bridal looks (those that last forever), and wedding gown fashion changes faster than lightning. So, it’s advantageous to keep one eye out for the latest releases. 

2022 might see a rise in wedding gown collections that look grand, sophisticated, and elegant. Why? Because many brides delayed their weddings due to social disruptions and restrictions. 2022 could be the time to go big with weddings as brides showcase the splendour they’ve held inside. 

However, there’s also a good chance that brides may stick to simple wedding themes, which saw a rise in popularity. Bear in mind that simplicity does not suggest you need to settle for a choice that doesn’t suit you. There are many ways to enjoy a fantastic event without being lavish. 

La Belle Couture releases about four collections per year, so remember to drop by to check out new breathtaking designs!“Modernist” is the most recent La Belle collection. Follow La Belle Couture’s social media to see our latest wedding gown collections!

2022 Wedding Question #4 – Am I Managing My Expectations?

It is easy to get carried away with a 2022 wedding by assuming that everything returns entirely to normal. However, we can never be sure, and the best way to avoid disappointment is to plan for a wedding with the current situation in mind. You’ll still get the opportunity to capture flawless wedding photography, invite pals, and have a great time. Just entertain the possibility of some restrictions, make some contingency plans, and you’re all good to go!




Relax, enjoy the moment, and stay positive no matter what. You’ll discover the perfect theme (and wedding gown) when you’re well-rested. Whether you’re planning a 2022 wedding or one further down the road, you can trust La Belle to be there for you at every step of the way. 


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