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4 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Consultant About Your Wedding Dress

4 Questions to Ask Your Bridal Consultant About Your Wedding Dress

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By Laurenzo Overee

Wedding gowns are one of the highlights of your big day. Yet, a hundred and one questions abound as you pick the ideal wedding dress. While testing your wedding gown, you might sense a friendly face waiting to serve you. That’s your eager bridal consultant armed with the knowledge to find your perfect dress. 

Yet, it’s tempting to turn down assistance (perhaps out of shyness or indecisiveness). Either way, don’t because your bridal consultant is there to fill in the blanks. So ask away and don’t worry about appearing silly. There’s no right or wrong question, but here are four solid ones to get you started on the right track. 

Wedding Dress Question #1: What’s in the Fabric? 

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Wedding gowns come in a dizzying array of fabric choices. There’s tulle, mikado silk, satin (which is actually a type of weave), georgette, crepe, and so on. Aside from their thickness (which matters a lot in an outdoor wedding), each fabric feels different against the skin. Some are smooth and body-hugging, while others may feel slightly rough and scratchy.

Also, it’s rare to find a wedding gown made entirely from a single fabric type. So check with your consultant on the various materials of your desired dress. They’ll also inform you of the general comfort level of donning the outfit.  

Wedding Dress Question #2: What Colour is the Gown?

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While the question may apply to any hue, it usually directs at off-white wedding dresses. Why? Because the slight difference can be hard to detect with an untrained eye. However, despite their subtleties, choosing between an ivory and cream wedding dress can make a world of difference in wedding photography.  

So spare yourself the trouble and risk of guesswork. Ask your bridal consultant for the exact shade, and you can match your gown with anything, like a pro. 

Wedding Dress Question #3: What Are the Available Customisations?

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You might find a wedding dress that looks perfect – except for its unflattering dimensions. Instead of passing on that once-in-a-lifetime look, why not ask about wedding outfit customisations? Modified seam, shorter hemline, add-ons – you name it and your consultant will likely find it. 

Or if you feel like your dress is missing a certain je na sais quoi, hot tag your consultant. Brainstorm on the spot and realise your fantasy wedding dress. 

The Often-Forgotten Question: Are There Offers? 

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Many brides throw caution to the wind with their wedding budgets. It’s their big day, after all. But think about it – why miss out on some fantastic discounts and offers if it’s convenient? You could always invest the extra money on your honeymoon!

So anytime during wedding gown testing, just turn to your consultant and ask them about ongoing deals. La Belle’s experts will update you right away without prompt because we have your best interest at heart. 




Our four questions should serve as a guide towards making the most out of your gown-shopping experience. We believe that you’ll naturally connect with your consultant once you have these questions out of the way.  From there, you’ll be trying every wedding gown with confidence and flair.

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