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4 Reasonable Bridal Resolutions To Gear You Up For The “I Do”

4 Reasonable Bridal Resolutions to Gear You Up for the “I Do”

Today, we’re going to talk about bridal resolutions. For the uninitiated, bridal resolutions are fundamentally a set of promises that brides come up with to realize a perfect wedding. 

Sounds deep? Don’t worry.  

These guidelines are just like new year resolutions. You come up with a pretty to-do-list and try your best to follow them to the letter. But hey, if you aim high, you’ll land on the clouds even if you fall off the mark. 

La Belle Couture presents 4 reasonable bridal solutions to commit to before saying “I do”. Consider this a dry run for the biggest commitment of them all!

Reasonable Bridal Resolutions #1 I Shall Not Compare My Wedding 

The Green-eyed monster is always rearing its ugly head, always. Envy has existed since school days, at the workplace and sadly, even at weddings. But this is your big day, it is the chance to make it truly special for you and your partner! Envy must not win! 


Drawing comparisons with your third cousin’s 100 table banquet bonanza is definitely not going to bring you any joy or satisfaction. 


Do yourself a favor. Take your attention away from others and focus on the unique bond that you share with your partner. Create something original, exciting and unforgettable. It is your turn to shine, so shine!


Reasonable Bridal Resolutions #2 I Shall Not Be Overly Stressed

Stress is the #1 cause of illnesses, dull complexion and tired eyes in brides. Yes, it is absolutely normal to enter panic mode as your wedding draws closer. But how you deal with the situation is completely within your control. If need be, go for a short holiday or foot massage to calm your senses. 


Remember, confidence is the best makeup that a bride can wear – which will complement any wedding gown. If you’re still nervous, develop trust in your professional wedding planner and have faith that everything will go smoothly. 


Reasonable Bridal Resolutions #3 I Will Keep Fit For My Wedding & Beyond

Let’s not fool ourselves, not everyone is an athlete. However, staying healthy is definitely an achievable feat. Aside from looking spectacular on your big day, you’ll need the energy to physically get through your wedding. 


Take wedding photography for example. You’re going to be standing, walking and posing for hours (probably under the terrible sun) while most probably wearing a wedding gown (bridal separates are a lightweight & less bulky alternative). You don’t want to be panting or looking like a fish out of water in your photos (there is only so much that photoshop can do). 


While you don’t need to rush to enrol for the latest HIIT class, consider making some lifestyle changes for a healthier life. Maybe cut down on your sugar intake, do some jogging, or play Pokemon Go… on foot. 


Plus, you would definitely look trimmer in your wedding photos (and in person). So why not?

Reasonable Bridal Resolutions #4 I Will Spend Within My Means

Contrary to popular belief, a wedding is not a golden opportunity for you to get into debt. Once you’re done wrestling with the green-eyed monster, it is time to sit down and discuss with your partner what’s feasible and what isn’t.


Do you need that extravagant decor? Do you need to hire three wedding photographers on your wedding day? Do you need five bridal gown wardrobe changes for your banquet? Ask the hard “Do I?” questions, we know it is always more difficult to subtract than to add – which is why ladies have gazillion shoes and still never enough. 


But, for the sake of your happily-ever-after, spend wisely. You still got the honeymoon, house loan, maybe even children in the near future to pay for. 


You’ll have ample opportunities to break the bank in due time but don’t blow it all on your wedding. Enjoy the big day with a peace of mind and not a lingering dread over the wedding bill.



The most essential thing for any bridal resolution is that you must stay true to your words. A marriage is based on trust and what better way to practice than to trust yourself with some positive changes? When the going gets tough, brides get tougher. Hold on, never give up and before you know it, you’re having the wedding from your deepest fantasies. 


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