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4 Retro Wedding Photography Hot Spots In Singapore For A Blast From The Past

4 Retro Wedding Photography Hot Spots in Singapore For A Blast from the Past

Wedding photography can truly produce wonders with creative themes.Today, we will be exploring the concept of retro wedding photography, where “old is gold”.  The illusion of “manipulating” time through the lens of a camera has remained highly popular– just look at some vintage wedding photography masterpieces and you will probably agree!

Sentimental brides can choose to revisit places from their childhood for a personal touch while hardcore fans of the retro art style will keep a lookout for old-fashioned buildings and historic places.   

So for your convenience (and a dash of inspiration), we have listed 4 breathtaking wedding photography hot spots in Singapore where time itself seems to have frozen for the perfect vintage shot!   


Retro Wedding Photography Hot Spot #1: Portsdown Road

Tucked within the neighbourhood of Queenstown is a sleepy stretch of road decorated with colonial architecture from a forgotten era. The combination of  the greenery and vintage houses along its winding lanes has made it one of the most popular wedding photography hot spots! 

There is something hauntingly pretty and quaint about the area. Perhaps the place allows couples to disappear inside their own private paradise. It is akin to being freed from the disturbances of the outside world.  

The most iconic element would be the weathered water tank at the top of a small hill! Although it is a little eerie, the structure is bewitching and has become a popular retro wedding photography hot spot to spruce up wedding albums!

Retro Wedding Photography Hot Spot #2:  Fort Canning Green

Being an alluring and historical remnant, Fort Canning is a sacred element of Singapore’s colonial past! Be prepared to fall in love with the verdant lawns and classy white arches! Not only does the place exude a dreamy atmosphere, it is very spacious too. This gives you room to explore parts of Fort Canning Green for varying shots. 

The twin cupolas in Fort Canning Green are worth checking out. They were actually built to honour the son of Singapore’s pioneering architect, George Drumgoole Coleman. So, they aren’t just another pair of pretty-looking structures!

History and beauty rolled into one, you will definitely have an impressive set of  wedding photos

Retro Wedding Photography Hot Spot #3:  CHIJMES

What’s there not to like about CHIJMES? Apart from it being a drinking haunt, its neo-gothic architecture carries great sentimentality for many Singaporeans. Coated in pristine white, you are bound to feel the vibes of purity and grace as you lay your eyes on the gazetted building!

But what does CHIJMES represent? It is historically a place where homeless girls were cared for and groomed into adulthood. With its rich history of femininity and empowerment, CHIJMES represents the coming-of-age journey as a girl transforms into a woman!

So if you are a supporter of girl power, then CHIJMES is certainly the perfect fit for meaningful wedding photos.

Wedding Photography Hot Spot #4:  Unique Singapore Shophouses

Shophouses found in historical areas like Chinatown, Joo Chiat and Little India are packed with rich tales of the past. Coming in many designs and colours, their vibrance can really enhance your wedding photos. 

This option is perfect for brides who wish to capture the unique flavour of Singapore. But be warned! Some of the buildings are damaged and corridors may be narrow and cramped, which makes wedding photography a challenge. So have a recce before the day of the shoot!


And there you have it, 4 delightful retro wedding photography hot spots where you can immortalise your love with a blast from the past. Which is your favourite from the list? What other historical places would you suggest for wedding photography? Do share with us in the comments section below!

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