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4 Simple Steps On How To Lose Weight Fast After CNY  And Look Amazing On Your Big Day (Without Hurting Yourself) From Chinese New Year Season

4 Simple Steps On How To Lose Weight Fast After CNY And Look Amazing On Your Big Day (Without Hurting Yourself) From Chinese New Year Season

The year of the rat has arrived, we hope it has brought some fortune for you! Now brides must turn their focus to one crucial thing – to lose weight fast! We’re sure those tasty bak kwas, pineapple tarts and love letters are coming back to haunt you full throttle. And what about those sumptuous dinners and infinite packets of soft drinks we’ve guzzled? 


…the horror…the horror. 

But don’t worry, as always, La Belle Couture is here to save the day, your big day that is! We’re sharing tips to help our gorgeous brides fit into their wedding gowns without beating themselves over the aftermath of the Chinese New Year feasting. 

How To Lose Weight Fast After CNY Tip#1: Renewing That Gym Membership To Fit Into Your Wedding Gown

Yes, some of us require that extra bit of motivation. There is no better time to renew your gym membership than right after CNY. If you’ve never had a membership before, it might be time to sign up! These days, many gyms offer trainer-guided sessions for a variety of engaging activities such as hot yoga, hip hop “dance-ercises” and more. 


Of course, this only applies to brides who need that push to get some physical activity done. You could also make trips to the gym more fun by inviting your bridesmaids to get fit together! This allows you to encourage each other as you press on for the big day where you’re going to own the aisle with your stunning wedding gown!


How To Lose Weight Fast After CNY Tip #2: Piling on the Fruits & Vegetables To Look Good In Your Wedding Photos

Go easy on meat and other fattening food stuff. Instead, opt for veggies and fruits that will detoxify your system. 


Fruits and vegetables are extremely effective for gaining that natural glow on your cheeks (you know, those displayed by happy Japanese children). Health experts recommend about two servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables per day. So an apple a day will not be enough to keep the doctor away. 


Certain fruits and vegetables assist with digestion and the metabolism process, which goes a long way in your weight management plans. The trick is to diversify your options by selecting fruits and vegetables of varying colours. Tomatoes are excellent sources of lycopene, which benefits skin health while carrots (especially boiled ones that release the compounds) contain beta-carotene, which keep your hair looking fine. 


As we always say, vitality is the best makeup for any bride. Feel good on the inside, look good on the outside! (Plus you’ll look amazing in your wedding photos)


That natural blush will match that beautiful wedding gown you’ve picked for your big day!


How To Lose Weight Fast After CNY Tip #3: Watching Online Fitness Tutorials

We understand that not all brides have the luxury of heading to the gym. But hey, we’re living in the digital age, anything can be done online! (even wedding gowns can be rented online! True story!)


YouTube and other video-sharing sites contain tons of useful tutorials to help you kickstart your exercise routines. Simply search for something you’d like to try (i.e. easy 10 minute workout) and be prepared to be amazed at the mountain of results that show up. 


Gone are the days where you’ll need to pay for instructional videos delivered by  a spandex-clad trainer (though it isn’t a crime to do so). Start your journey towards looking amazing in your wedding gown without paying a dime, and right from the comfort of your home!

How To Lose Weight Fast After CNY Tip #4: To Look Good In Your Wedding Photo, Embracing A More Active Lifestyle

New year, new you – remember your resolutions for 2020? It is time to put yourself to the test. Being more active will help keep the pounds away without realisation. Little actions add up, such as walking the dog, cleaning the windows, walking to the bakery two bus-stops down the road. 


If you’re the type of bride who loves binging on Netflix on weekends, consider investing in a balance board (Decathlon stocks these). They’re basically wobbly planks that you stand on to train your coordination and balance. Be warned though, it isn’t as easy as it sounds!


But it’s all worth it, think about how you’ll look good in your wedding photos!



And there you have it, some ways to get yourself moving and the pounds losing. Notice how we focused on getting active rather than limiting food choices? That’s because we know that food is a source of happiness. We don’t want our brides to be miserable while they’re working towards one of the greatest moments in their lives.


A little goes a long way, start small and stay consistent! Start with a flight of stairs, then increase it to 2 flights and so on. Aside from your body changing, you’ll realise your strength and endurance increasing too!


Do you agree with our fitness-centric choices? Or perhaps you prefer diet tweaks, or a combination of both? We want you to look gorgeous in your wedding gown! 


As always, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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