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4 Struggles Plus-Size Brides Go Through On A Regular Basis

4 Struggles Plus-Size Brides Go Through On A Regular Basis

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Even though the awareness towards plus-size brides has increased over the years, you have to admit that the stigma remains pretty strong in this society, which thrives on media. And as you would already know, the media both subconsciously and consciously promote slim girls as the only way to go

There are many struggles plus-size brides go through on a regular basis. Here are the 4 difficulties plus-size brides go through at one point in their lives!


Struggles of Plus-size Brides #1 – Not Being Able To Comfortably Enjoy High-Calorie Snacks

It is true that all brides desire to look at their best in their wedding gown. Most brides naturally pinch on their diet and cut down on fattening food. Some brides will try to find some way to lose their flab so they can look smoking hot on their wedding day.

But you can’t deny a Krispy Kreme, a piping hot curry puff, or even a bar of Cadbury chocolate when your craving intensifies under the stress from the wedding preparation.

And that’s the problem!

You see, when plus-size brides give in to their cravings, the ‘crime’ seems a lot more severe, compared to normal size brides. Why is that so? Because when normal-size brides have a cheat meal, it is deemed alright because they can ‘afford to put on weight’ …..

On the other hand, when a plus-size bride bites into a sugar-glazed donut, suddenly everybody flips and comments on how she has no self-control over appetite! OR it is about how she is already plus size and yet she wants to add another ‘plus’ to that statement….

And that’s BLASPHEMY. Plus size or not, brides are still human. They too deserve to have a snack at any time! #quoteusnow

Struggles of Plus-size Brides #2 – Being Afraid To Look Like A Lump On Their Wedding Day

Certainly, every bride wants to look the best on their wedding day. Admit it, nobody wants another lady to look better than her on her own wedding day.

However, based on experience, plus-size brides are dead afraid of looking frumpy on their wedding day. For example, they are afraid of trying on gowns that are sleeveless because they feel that their arms will appear a lot larger. Similarly, they will avoid wedding gowns that have too many details as it might create an illusion of a larger frame.

They are that cautious because they don’t want to be laughed at by their relatives!

Truth is, there is no need to be cautious. If people are always mocking you for being on the plump side, then you really need to reconsider if they are worth being part of your life.

Of course, you need to be impartial when you do that. Sometimes, your friends may just offer advice out of concern. So do discern what your friends say and not immediately assume that they are saying things with the purpose of hurting you.


Struggles of Plus-size Brides #3 –Not Seeing a Desired Gown Available In Larger Sizes

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Brides are afraid of finding the perfect gown because they have the fear of falling in love with a certain design that doesn’t come in larger sizes. The most horrible feeling is looking at a design and immediately resigning to the fact that the gown will only look good on a woman with a slimmer figure.

For example, mermaid cuts are extremely beautiful as it outlines your curves, as compared to their sisters such as ball-gown cut and A-line. However, mermaid cuts are commonly perceived to only look good on slim girls. So when a plus-size bride sees an exquisite gown in a mermaid cut, the first instinct is to reject that piece because she feels she is likely to look horrible in a cut that is made for tiny people.

It is totally understandable to feel inferior but it is never alright to let the negativity get to you. What’s most important is to choose a wedding gown that fits your frame. Truth be told, every size looks best in a certain design, as compared to other sizes. Just as how a plus-size bride doesn’t look good in a dress with massive ruffles, small and skinny brides look equally bad too.

The bottom line is, don’t always think that every type of clothing is tailored to suit slim people!

Struggles of Plus-size Brides #4 – Being Told That “You Have a Pretty Face for Somebody Your Size” 


Seriously, the statement is uncalled for – it’s not even close to comforting! More often or not, it magnifies the fact that you are plus size. That statement alone is equivalent to a punch in the face and in the gut and the punch.

Actually, this statement is eerily similar to ‘you are just born with a fuller frame’. What is that about? It is like a sugar-coated criticism, which tastes worse than something that looks bad, to begin with.

It is always either a compliment or a criticism. Let’s repeat this one more time, shall we? It is always either a compliment or criticism.  




Of course, every size goes through different struggles. The purpose of this article is to never slam skinnier girls who feel fat all the time. A plus-size bride’s struggles are no different from those experienced by a skinny bride.

The purpose of this blog post is to share what plus-size brides go through and the difficulties they face. Remember, any bride who is effortlessly radiant on her wedding day is never because of how slim she is; it is always because of how confident she is. Work on your esteem instead of conforming to standards.

Also, it is advisable to lead a healthier lifestyle if you haven’t been doing so. It is also important that you adopt a healthier lifestyle for the right reasons. If you are doing it just to shed some pounds, chances are you will lose that motivation rapidly. You might end up feeling worse about yourself when you choose to laze around.

Instead, do it because you want to achieve good health – a healthy you is a healthy you!

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