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4 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Bouquet

4 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Bouquet

By Laurenzo Overee

Legendary poet Alfred Tennyson once quipped, “if I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.” Sweetly put, but Tennyson wasn’t alone in admiring the indescribable beauty of the floral bloom. Hence, the birth of the wedding bouquet – a timeless bridal tradition that requires meticulous prep work. 

We believe many would agree that there are fewer scenes more serene and majestic than of a blissful bride walking down the aisle with a customized bouquet in hand.  

Brides toss their bouquets to the “next-in-line” of the marriage life as a profoundly symbolic gesture. It’s an intimate part of the ceremony that intensifies the wedding mood. We’ll guide you through the bouquet selection process to achieve the best results. 

Wedding Bouquet Selection Tip #1 – Wedding Gown Before All Else

Yes, a wedding bouquet is fabulous, but still, the prettiest floral arrangement in the world should not steal the thunder from your bridal attire. For the best results, shop for your wedding gown first. Then, put together a bouquet that enhances the silhouette and colours of your ensemble. Also, never select an enormous bouquet that conceals your made-up face and the most outstanding features of your bridal dress; it defeats their purpose!

There’s a hierarchy when it comes down to the wedding look – and sorry florists and bouquets, but the wedding gown sits higher on it. 

Wedding Bouquet Selection Tip #2 – Go into Colour Details

We all have that one friend who says “scarlet” instead of “red” and “viridian” when “green” should suffice. Under normal circumstances, it’s understandable to get a tad annoyed, but we could borrow a tip or two from these people when selecting bridal bouquets.   

You want to be precise when selecting your floral composition. Nature does not do us any favours by providing such a diverse variety (over 400,000 known flowering species).

 Since your bouquet should match your wedding gown, check for the brightness and tints of the petals for the best compatibility. If possible, bring along a swatch of your wedding gown fabric and have your florists do the pairing! 

Wedding Bouquet Selection Tip #3 – Personalise the Combination

There are two ways to prepare your wedding bouquet. Option A – you ask for recommendations from your floral arranger. What you’ll probably get is an alluring but commercial design. Option B involves some research, pairing different flowers that means something special to you, like adding daisies because you used to pluck them from the fields when you studied abroad (perhaps where you met your partner). 

A personalized bouquet will add richness, sentimentality, and uniqueness to your bridal experience. 

Wedding Bouquet Selection Tip #4 – Don’t Forget the Other Flowers!

It’s forgivable to forget that there are many other flowers at the wedding. There’s the table centerpiece, wedding arch blooms, and maybe even boutonnieres for your partner. If you wish to create a seamlessly striking bridal theme – consider matching your bouquet with the other pretty florals at the wedding. 




The prettiest events involve the entire package – from the chosen gown and wedding photography, right down to the flowers you hold. We understand that it can be a lot to take in – but you can rest easy knowing that the La Belle team has your corseted back every step of the bridal preparation. Just tell us your heart’s desire, and we’ll help you bring it to life!


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