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4 Tips For Indoor DIY Shoots

4 Tips for Indoor DIY Shoots

The recent pandemic has redefined the wedding scene. Blissful couples are forced to get creative during the quarantine period. There are some notable cases of weddings being held in some parts of the world! Being indoors isn’t so bad with the right prep work. La Belle looks at how you can create intimate and breathtaking set-ups for indoor DIY shoots for your wedding. 

Tips for Indoor DIY Shoots #1: Select the Best Lighting

Lighting is everything regardless of whether you’re opting for outdoor or indoor wedding photography. However, the choice of lighting is more sensitive in indoor settings since they are probably the only source of illumination! Always be mindful of the brightness of your indoor spaces and the color of your wedding outfit for indoor shoots.  Wedding gowns come in various shades of white (believe it or not) and some reflect light better than others. 

You should always select lighting that enhances the hue of your wedding gown to make it pop. The position of your artificial lighting is as integral as its brightness. Engage in trial-and-error to determine the ideal spot that brings out the best in your photos. 

Tips for Indoor DIY Shoots #2: Settle on a Theme

A wedding photography theme gives depth and greater meaning to your photos. Also, it keeps you on track throughout the photoshoot, quite like a guide list. This will result in dynamic wedding albums that tell an amazing love story.


Couples should discuss and prepare relevant props in advance of their shoot. Props are crucial components for indoor shoots since couples can’t rely on natural background scenery. Indoor shoots are comparable to stageplay – couples need to set the mood and ambiance with carefully chosen set pieces. 


For instance, if you wish for a retro-themed shoot, you should keep all smart devices out from your frames!

Tips for Indoor DIY Shoots #3: Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

Hairbands, tiaras, necklaces, teardrop earrings, bracelets, bring out your entire armoire if necessary! Accessories should never be underestimated in any type of wedding photography. This is especially true if you’re planning on an indoor project. 


Remember, the primary focus will be on you and your partner and accessories can really flatter your wedding outfit. 


You have the potential to transform an understated wedding gown into a head-turning masterpiece with accessories alone. 


However, be careful to not pile on everything you can find. Select a bridal accessory that complements the style and fabric of your wedding gown. For example, a thin birdcage veil pairs well with a vintage sheath ensemble but might be ill-suited for a grand ballgown design. So remember to choose wisely!

Tips for Indoor DIY Shoots #4: Unique POVs

Indoor DIY shoots empower couples to try unique POVs (points of views) that are otherwise impossible with a professional photographer. This is a special opportunity for the bride and bridegroom to delve deeper into their emotions to add a more personal touch to their images. 


The photograph is determined by the photographer as much as his equipment. You have the complete freedom to share your views of each other through your own lenses.  


For instance, both parties may take turns to assume the role of the photographer. Focus on snapping close-up shots that encapsulate the subtlest expressions of love, joy, and fulfillment. Candid shots are also more than welcome! 


The goal is to immortalise your personal journey of romantic discovery that united two souls as one – in ways that only you know how. 




We hope these tips allow brides to enjoy their own DIY shoots to the fullest. The circuit breaker is finally easing up and we’re dedicated to guiding brides through this critical period. If you have any lingering questions on your wedding plans, feel free to address them. We’re in this together and we’ll emerge stronger than ever. 


Remember to stay optimistic, healthy, and blessed as the gorgeous bride you were born to be! 


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