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4 Unique Pre-Wedding Photography Themes That Will Spark Joy

4 Unique Pre-Wedding Photography Themes That Will Spark Joy

When the topic of pre-wedding photography themes pops up, the usual thematic suggestions that get tossed around include flowers, rosettes, pastel colours and pristine white decors. These are all classic and pretty ideas but to truly add a dose of uniqueness to your wedding photos, why not consider something out of the norm? 

We visit 4 fresh perspectives on wedding images and marvel at how amazing the results can be, when done right. 

Unique Pre-Wedding Photography Themes #1: School Sweethearts

Perhaps you are one of those lucky couples who found true love in school! Then put that in your wedding photos! Commemorate the sweet and innocent beginnings of your relationship with by having wedding photography at your old school (or even classroom!). Capture priceless shots of those spots where your heart first fluttered or the desk where you exchanged sweet love letters. 

If possible,  you may opt to wear your school uniform for a cute flashback sequence!

Remember to gain clearance from the school staff first! It may be your alma mater but school rules still apply!

Unique Pre-Wedding Photography Themes #2: Represent Your Favourite Sports Team With Pride

Are you and your partner warm-blooded fans of competitive sports? Do you cheer out loud for the same team (or constantly tease each other for poor taste in choice? With no claws barred of course!) Either way, you can express your fierce passion through wedding photography!

For example, you can dress yourselves in the sports jersey tops, to having sports related props as part of your wedding photography! 

After all, a couple who plays together, stays together. That is the rule of the game!

Unique Pre-Wedding Photography Themes #3: Time Travelers 

Prove that father time has no influence on the strength of your love. Embark on a visual adventure through your wedding photography and  travel back into the days of the rustic past. Ageless venues like historic landmarks and places of worship are perfect for backdrops for this style. Although, it is good to check beforehand, as certain places of worship don’t permit photography purposes due to religious reasons. 

If you want to, you can incorporate cultural outfits! If you are unable to, then you can opt  to dress in modern clothes for a striking contrast. You can even carry a high-tech prop like a smartphone to showcase how the different timelines crossed paths!t!)

Unique Pre-Wedding Photography Themes #4: Mythical Romance

For wedding photos of such nature, it all lies in the fantastical colour compositions and cleverly shot angles. You will resemble the luxurious Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece…or look like a destined pair straight out of a storybook. This is the ideal wedding photography style for couples who wish to recreate the polished appearance of a classical painting. You will look flawless, gorgeous and unquestionably perfect.


Your photos will look like stunning artworks of mythic proportions! 




These are just 4 different styles to embellish your wedding albums and photo frames. The sky is the limit when it comes down to creativity, you may involve design elements from nature, your occupations and hobbies to add meaning to your shoot. Lastly, always remember to have fun as you immortalize your love, true happiness shows in pictures!


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