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4 Ways To Enjoy Your Wedding Celebration

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Wedding Celebration

When we think of a wedding celebration, we focus on looking great in our wedding gown, caring for the guests, and setting up picturesque venues. Yet, some couples may overlook one crucial aspect of the celebration – having fun! While wedding prep and entertaining droves of well-wishers can overwhelm and stress you out, we have identified four ways to have fun despite it all. 

Ways to Enjoy Your Wedding Celebration #1 – Hire Your Fave Act

Consider hiring some entertainers on your wedding day to liven up the atmosphere. Perhaps you could reach out to your fave local band, stand-up comic, or a highly charismatic emcee. Performances will keep your event exciting and offer you and your partner more time to rest and enjoy yourselves between “meet-and-greets” during the banquet. 


But remember, ultimately, it’s your wedding, and people came to see you in your gorgeous wedding gown, so arrange your performances in moderation!

Ways to Enjoy Your Wedding Celebration #2 – Invest Some Time in Quality Catering

You will be super active on your wedding day, moving around in your possibly heavy wedding gown as you greet guests and ensure a smooth-sailing event. So what happens when you start burning those calories? You’ll get exhausted and hungry! Yet, you still need to appear at your best throughout the event (and avoid looking all worn out). 

As such, the food and refreshments that you cater will go a long way. Go for delicious dishes that suit your palate – make it a priority. After all that planning, you deserve a treat – just try not to gorge yourself or overdrink since you need to stay in that dress. 

Ways to Enjoy Your Wedding Celebration #3 – Open the Dance Floor 

The Western wedding tradition usually includes a series of customary dances on the big day. These include bride and groom, bride and father, and groom and mother. They’re highly sentimental and meaningful displays where guests get to witness the genuine joy and gratitude of the dancers – before hopping into the jiggy themselves. 

Open the dance floor for your wedding banquet – you won’t regret it. It’s a beautiful way to let your hair down and bond with your loved ones. You might have two left feet, but it’s your wedding day, and you get a hall pass. 

If you plan to dance on your big day, remember to choose a wedding gown that facilitates movement – so avoid mermaid and trumpet silhouettes! 

Ways to Enjoy Your Wedding Celebration #4 – Hire a Wedding Planner

If the mere thought of preparing and overseeing the program of your wedding gives you a panic attack, take the escape route by hiring a professional planner. Your wedding planner will discuss your preferences and concerns to customise the perfect event without you breaking a sweat. 


For additional moral support, have your wedding planner present at the wedding celebration to give you complete peace of mind. By doing so, you can focus entirely on enjoying yourself without worrying about unnecessary details. 




All roads lead to Rome – listen to your heart, and you’ll find happiness on your wedding day. Don’t worry excessively about how things will turn out, and the event will go according to plan. 


And awesome news! The regulations have increased the number of guests to attend weddings from 100 pax to 250 pax! If you ever need assistance, La Belle Couture’s consultants are always here to ease the process while meeting all your wedding goals. You’re the blushing bride, and you deserve the best without exception. 

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