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4 Wedding Traditions To Boost Your Luck On Your Big Day

4 Wedding Traditions to Boost Your Luck on Your Big Day

Wedding traditions, don’t you just love them? We can picture some brides shaking their heads violently and making a cross with their hands. 

We agree that some traditional practices may be a drag and bring more stress than anything else. But today, we’re going to focus on the ones that bring good fortune! Who doesn’t want good luck right? Just imagine, you’ll be able to get through the ceremony smoothly without glitches, everything will be in the right place at the right time!

So, in light of the CNY season, La Belle Couture brings to you a selection of wedding traditions to keep you healthy and wealthy. 

Lucky Wedding Traditions #1: Select an Auspicious Date

This is perhaps the first step for traditional brides – even before wedding gown and venue selection. What happens is that couples will consult a fortune teller or monk to divine the best time to get married. The soothsayer will then calculate the date according to the couple’s time of birth and other personal information. 

According to this tradition, every couple has a period to avoid (at all costs) and an auspicious time of the year to tie the knot. With the right wedding date, couples will enjoy a long lasting marriage filled with happiness and less conflict.  

Lucky Wedding Traditions #2: Wear Red

Traditionally Chinese customs place a strong emphasis on the colour red, which symbolises prosperity, loyalty and love. As such, brides usually don red ceremonial qipao dresses with matching veils. Sadly, such customary practices are becoming less popular in our urban nation. 

However, in Singapore, some brides still opt for red wedding gowns. Consider it somewhat of a throwback to tradition. After all, red is a striking colour that will make any bride the centre of attraction. So, walk with style and own that aisle!

Lucky Wedding Traditions #3: Double Happiness Decorations

Decorations with the calligraphy for double happiness (also known as double happy) are usually attached around the couple’s homes. This usually includes doors and windows, as a gesture of inviting fortune from every direction. 

囍, pronounced as shuang xi, represents the multiplying of joy as the couple unites in matrimonial bliss. Wedding photography may feature the decoration prominently in some backgrounds to capture the joyful mood. 

Lucky Wedding Traditions #4: Bridal Gifts and Red Packets

Traditionally,  families from both sides are known to exchange gifts before the official ceremony. This was to promote luck and everlasting peace between the in-laws. Customary gifts usually include jewelry, money and even delicacies (such as bird’s nest). 

Modern guests tend to keep this tradition alive by giving red packets to the couple. The given amount is also of significance. Denominations of 8 are the most popular as they represent wealth, while 9 is sometimes chosen to symbolise the longevity of marriage. 


Whether you’re a traditionalist or modern rebel, we hope you’ve found these traditions pretty insightful. One thing is for sure – although the concept of weddings is constantly changing with the times, brides continue to look their most gorgeous best. 

What are other wedding traditions that you know of? Do you have a favourite? Let us know!

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