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5 Awkward Wedding Situations That Could Happen To You!

5 Awkward Wedding Situations That Could Happen To You!

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In the mind of the bride, a wedding should always be perfect. After all, all eyes are on you (including your ex and even your frenemies). Awkward wedding situations should be the stuff of dramas and other fictional environments. Right?

Yet, at the back of your mind, you have this incessant worry that something might happen. Perhaps your wedding gown might fly up because of the strong winds (or air-con if your wedding is held indoors), or maybe there might be a random stain on your wedding veil from some unknown source. Anything can happen on your wedding day right!

Here’re some awkward wedding situations that could happen on your wedding day and here are some cool ways to counter them when it happens!

Awkward Wedding Situations #1: Tripping On Your Heels Or Your Wedding Dress

When the doors open, every wedding guest has their head turned to look at you. You take your first step and you feel that your heels are touching the front of your wedding gown pretty dangerously. Deep inside, you might be thinking that this is the end because you are going to fall down and be a total laughing stock in front of your guests.

And that’s what could happen to you. You will indeed be at the centre of attention, but for the wrong reasons.

What you should do when it happens:

The most important thing is to check if your ankles are fine! If your ankles seem capable of any movement, then steady yourself and stand up. After that, just wave proudly at everyone and continue walking towards your groom as if nothing happened. If you are game for it, you can do a little dance to cover your tracks. After that, get your maid of honour to come over and check if your makeup is still looking fine.

What you can do to avoid it from happening:

Invest in a pair of beautiful YET comfortable heels. If you can’t even balance on a pair of stilettos without even moving, then you are very likely to fall flat on your face. No matter how beautiful or elegant you look in your wedding gown, everyone will not stop talking about your graceful fall when somebody mentions something about your wedding.


Awkward Wedding Situations #2: The Monthly Thing (a.k.a 大姨媽) Is Here

Imagine being surrounded by the squealing bridesmaids whose tears are almost at the brim as they see how beautiful you are in the wedding gown. The day has finally come for you to shine as you twirl enthusiastically in your wedding gown. As you become the most phenomenal princess, you sense a certain something in your abdominal area. Of course, it is a familiar feeling because …you have it every month.

The period (pun intended) of reds is here to taunt you on your wedding day and yes there is a red stain on your bridal gown. Yikes! You can’t possibly leave the room with that on your white wedding gown or coloured bridal gown…unless you are wearing a bridal gown in red then at least it is not that bad.

What you should do when it happens:

If your wedding is held in a hotel, you can request a bottle of shampoo. After that, put some shampoo on the stain and start doing circular motions until you can see the stain lightening. Followed by that, use cold water to rinse and off. Repeat until it disappears.

If your wedding is held elsewhere, you can mix salt with cold water and use a towel to dab the stain with the mixture. A word of caution is to never use hot or warm water because it will heat the protein in the blood, making the stain much harder to remove.

What you can do to avoid it from happening:

Probably the easiest way to avoid it is to not get married during the usual period of the month.

Okay, that was a bad joke so please don’t roll your eyes at us ;)!

You probably heard of the methods to induce your period to come earlier or stopping it from coming through medications. Although it has proven to work, it is not advisable to do so. Instead, you can work with a calendar and gear yourself for the surprise! If you feel queasy, then wear a panty liner on your wedding day so you would know that you have a line of defence ready to counter any unpredictable circumstances!

Awkward Wedding Situations #3: Clumsy Waitress/Waiter Toppling The Food All Over You!

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The wedding day has arrived, which means one thing: you finally enjoy bites of unhealthy food after all the restriction of calories to look superb in your wedding gown. As the waitress or waiter walks steadily towards your table to serve the food, he or she topples over something invisible and the food landed everywhere, including your poor groom, and you…and oh no your wedding gown!

What you should do when it happens:

Apply the same method if you do have menstrual stains! However, don’t expect the whole stain to be gone, especially when it comes to dark coloured food. If the stain is proven to be too big to remove, then the next best idea is to switch your outfit into the next bridal gown.

What you can do to avoid it from happening:

This is almost impossible…considering the fact that you aren’t in control of such incidents. Perhaps you can try your best to hide behind your groom and let him bear the brunt of the accident? 😉

Awkward Wedding Situations #4: Your Wedding Gown Is Missing In Action

The day of slipping into your wedding gown has commenced. After a year of keeping your guests from seeing the final wedding gown, now it is your turn to shine in your wedding gown. You are grinning like a silly girl because this is the day when you are the most beautiful among every female in the room…until you heard that your klutz of a bridesmaid left the wedding gown at perhaps your place, the groom’s house or even sent it to the wrong address! Your wedding gown is missing now and you know that a lot of time is going to be wasted to retrieve the wedding dress.

What you should do when it happens:

Be calm and keep your cool. Send a reliable bridesmaid to retrieve the wedding gown (or bridal gowns). In the meantime, get other things prepared while the bridal gowns are being delivered. Perhaps doing your makeup and practicing your speech/vows for the wedding?

If the wedding gown is really missing, call your bridal boutique to check if there’s anything they can do to help you should the wedding not arrive on time. However, given the tight timeline, this means you can’t be too picky with the choice of wedding gowns. Have faith in your bridal specialist that she/he will select a wedding gown that will suit you.

What you can do to avoid it from happening:

Gather a reliable wedding entourage, aka finding bridesmaids who wouldn’t make mistakes at the most crucial timings. Also, always communicate well with your bridesmaids so that they know what they are supposed to do. That being said, don’t go overboard with any controlling behaviour. If you find yourself feeling the extreme need to know about everything your bridesmaids are doing or are supposed to do, chances are you have stepped into the Bridezilla zone. And you can be sure that things will only get ugly.


Awkward Wedding Situations #5: Drunk Wedding Guest Turns Into Vomit Projectile On Your Wedding Gown

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A wedding is incomplete without a few drinks. Toasting to the union of two committed individuals is commonly practiced during weddings in Singapore as everyone goes yam seng. However, there might be a few who might have a few drinks too many. One of them decides to walk towards you, perhaps wanting to exchange a few words with you or snap a picture with you (with their red faces).

Before you can react to it, he/she decides to puke all over you, resulting in an uproar as you attempt to do something about the mess! All you can tell yourself is that nobody can control one’s vomiting, especially if they are heavily intoxicated… but it isn’t comforting at all right?

What you should do when it happens:

The first thing to do is to change out of your bridal gown and change into another if it is possible. For example, if you are in your wedding gown, be quick to change into your evening bridal wear even though it isn’t the time for the second march in! Meanwhile, try your best to wash out the stain with jets of cold water. After that, use baking soda on the affected area of the wedding gown to remove the stain and odour.

What you can do to avoid it from happening:

One way is to limit the number of bottles per table or order drinks with reduced alcohol content. If you are that afraid of going through the above, you could personally talk to the person who is most likely to get themselves intoxicated and let them know that you appreciate their presence at your wedding but the last thing you want is to worry about such incidents which will not create a great memory!

Do you have some special ways to deal with these boo-boos? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below and you could save some brides!

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