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5 Basic And Popular Necklines You Must Know!

5 Basic and Popular Necklines You Must Know!

Isn’t it amazing how the smallest detail of your wedding dress can drastically change your appearance? For example, different crystals can determine the degree of the overall shimmering effect, while how different materials can affect the movement of the gown as you twirl around!

Undoubtedly, necklines play a pivotal role in either making you appear elegant and flattering…or it can completely destroy the very image you’ve been attempting to create!

For example, You would have seen, through magazines or pictures online, how some women look really amazing (and smoking hot) in turtle necks while others look like they are getting themselves prepared to be strangled to death by a piece of cloth.

Perhaps you might be guilty of that mistake 🙂 

This is sure recipe for a disaster, be it for your first date or even your big day!

And you certainly don’t want any boo-boos ESPECIALLY on your wedding! You want to be remembered as the bride every little bride wants to be, and not the one who could have a done a much better job.

So here’re 5 basic and popular necklines you have to absolutely know them at your fingertips. It is not only useful on your wedding day; it is useful for life.

 #1 V Neckline


 Recommended for brides with: bigger bustline, short and/or thick necks, and broader shoulders

Bigger bustline

Calling out to all brides who who are well-endowed: You know it is much more difficult to find clothes that fit without making them appear either lumpy or disproportionate!

This is why the V neckline is such a great option! Not only does it makes you appear slimmer, it gives you a chance to flaunt your cleavage, whch is almost every woman’s…and man’s dream

Having said that, avoid a V neckline that is too deep. When that happens, you will look like your chest sprouted a valley…except instead of two mountains by the side of the valley, you have two boobs. It sounds pretty weird but you know it is true, especially you busty girls out there.

In fact, you might even look provocative and that’s not something you want your guests to remember! Unless that is something you are going for. Then by all means, please choose the deep V neckline #youhavebeenwarned.

Short and/or thick necks

Have you ever felt that the neckline of your top seems to be eating your neck up? Or somehow your neck can magically disappear in photos?

The V neckline is perfect for those with a shorter and/or thicker neck as not only does it help elongate your body frame, but your neck will appear a lot more slimmer. Sounds like great plan!

Broader shoulders

For brides who possess a broader build, the v neckline is the way to go. It helps creates an illusion that you have narrow shoulders. In fact, you should add more embellishments around the neckline to trick your guests from focusing elsewhere! 😉 

#2 Square neckline


Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Recommended for brides with: a pear-shape, rounder faces, smaller bustline. 


To all pear-shape sisters: the most common comments you’ve received is how your have rounded hips and how you are such a great canditate for child bearing (you are probably rolling your eyes at that statement. Not again.)

Although some love it to flaunt them in tight-fitting clothes (hemhem Kim Kardashian), others feel that it is too round and seems to be bulging out a little too much!

This is why it is highly encouraged for pear-shape sisters to go for the square neckline as it creates the illusion of less rounded hips, instantly taking the limelight away from the hips and putting the focus elsewhere. Of course, the focus really depends on what you want people to look at too! 

Rounder faces

Are you one of those brides whose lovely cheeks are pinchable (and you get annoyed because your peers actually pinch them without your permission. Oh the pain and possible pimples!) and gives you that youthful look, but yet you loathe them as your face looks a lot wider in photos.

Well, the square neckline will do the trick in taking the attention away from the roundness of your face. Of course, it is also important for you to go for hairstyles that may reduce the roundness of your face as well. In other words, don’t go for a square neckline and then cut your hair really short.

#3 High Neckline


Recommended for brides with: smaller bustline, narrow shoulders

Smaller bustline

High necklines are one of the hardest necklines to pull off, and the category of women who can, are those with a smaller bustline!

When brides with a smaller bustline wear a wedding dress with a high neckline, they don’t look as swallowed. On the contrary, it adds length to the body and adds that elegant touch! Whereas, when busty brides wear a wedding dress with a high neckline, their boobs look a lot more massive, in a very bad way!

If you want to add more volume to the chest area, then you add more details to the chest area to give yourself a fuller figure!

Narrow shoulders

Brides with narrow shoulders will rock high necklines as it highlights your delicate frame and gives the illusion of a wider build, which then provides a better balance to your overall frame.

On the other hand, brides with broader shoulders will appear much more muscular as the high necklace will emphasize on the wideness of the shoulders!

#4 Scoop Neckline


Recommended for brides with : a hourglass shape (balances), shorter neck

Hourglass shape

You are indeed fortunate to be blessed with an hourglass figure. It takes little effort to look amazing. However, the best neckline that accentuates your curves is the scoop neckline. How does it work? It creates a balance between your upper and lower body parts!

If you prefer to have more attention on your boobs, then you can opt for a chunkier or statement necklaces to ‘enhance’ your bustline! Otherwise, stay clear of them if you are uncomfortable with people glancing at your chest!

Short and/or thick neck

Similarly with the v neckline, the scoop neckline is the perfect choice to elongate one’s neck. What sets both necklines apart is the cleavage effect. So if you don’t feel confident about your cleavage or prefer something more subtle, then the scoop neckline is the way to go! 

#5 Sweetheart Neckline


Recommended for brides with: basically everyone looks good in this neckline!

The sweetheart neckline is popular for many reasons.

It is an extremely versatile neckline that looks great on anybody of any size, neck and so forth. If you are well-endowed and are proud of your assets, then the sweetheart neckline is one way to emphasize your envious cleavage. On the other hand, for brides with a smaller bustline, the sweetheart neckline is a great way to give an illusion of a fuller chest!


What’s great about this neckline is how it enhances the chest without revealing too much. This means you can afford to combine sexy, cute and elegant into one neckline!


There are many necklines to explore as you hunt for the perfect wedding gown. What’s more important is that you choose a neckline that highlights the assets you want more emphasis on! As long as you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, then nothing else should deter you from choosing a certain neckline!

…Okay maybe your groom might be concerned about your cleavage. But that only shows how much he cares about you!

Nonetheless, you should always be confident in whatever you are wearing. That way, you will radiate lots and lots of happiness!

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