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5 Basic Wedding Photography Poses That Will Grant You Beautiful Wedding Photos

5 Basic Wedding Photography Poses That Will Grant You Beautiful Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography Poses – Have you always wondered how to pose for them? You probably seen many wedding photos of your friends or relatives and think if you are able to pose the way they did? Well, Here are 5 basic poses for your wedding photography if you are concerned about how to go about posing for your photo shoot!

With these 5 basic wedding photography poses, even without modelling background (which most of us do not have), your wedding photographs will come out as awesome! Trust us on that!

Basic Wedding Photography Pose #1 : The Close Up

This is one of the most common poses for wedding photography. Having your loved one physically close to you is the most obvious sign of affection towards them. Having the “Close Up” pose allows flexibility and versatility for couples to decide if they would prefer an intimate or candid pose.


Basic Wedding photography Pose – The Close Up


Basic Wedding Photography Pose #2 : The Opened Up

What goes up, must come down. When there is a closed up, there would be an opened up as well. This is another basic wedding photography pose which does not take much effort to do. Simply stand apart from each other, while holding hands, and have your feet pointing towards the camera.


Basic Wedding photography Pose – The Opened Up

To inject a uniqueness, you may even stand apart from each other and have your back facing the camera. Your front need not always have to face the camera! You can even add some teasers and fun into a pose like that as per the picture above!

Basic Wedding Photography Pose #3 : Stuck Together Like Glue

As the name suggests, one partner to “stack on top of the other person”. We do not mean literally stacking on top of one another horizontally. While standing, have the groom hug the bride from the back. To create a greater sense of closeness, ideally, the bride should hold onto the groom’s hands as well. For such pose, the wedding couple would usually be gazing afar and into the distance. This is as if they are eagerly looking forward to their future. With that in mind, whatever obstacles they face, they would always have each other to hold.


Basic Wedding photography Pose – Stuck together like glue

Basic Wedding Photography Pose #4 : The Tender Kiss

Closing your eyes, holding each other close and pucker up for romantic kisses should come as an easy feat for most couples. For a more different romantic yet teasing feel, make use of the bridal veil and have it covered over the heads of the couple while kissing or attempt another special look by making use of your shadows or silhouette! It would like it is a private moment of love between the both of you, and you can bet that your wedding guests will be envious about your romance!


Basic Wedding photography Pose – The Tender Kiss

These are actually 5 basic wedding photography poses you may consider adopting for your wedding photography and it does not take a model to perfect them! If you have other special wedding photography poses, it is best to share them with your wedding photographer. That way, your wedding photographer can better understand what wedding photography style you are looking for!

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