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5 Gorgeous Bridal Gowns For Your Romantic Wedding Looks

5 Gorgeous Bridal Gowns For Your Romantic Wedding Looks

If you have been following closely to our shout outs on our various Social Media platforms, you would have seen a handful of pictures of our previous gown collection – Romantique!

This has yet got to be one of our most favourited wedding gown collection due to its exquisite designs that never fail to mesmerise! Don’t believe us? Let us showcase our top 5 wedding dresses and bridal gowns from Romantique!

Gorgeous Bridal Gowns For Your Romantic Wedding Looks #1: Nude and Lace Embroidery

Nude and lace embroidery are trending and you can be certain that they are here to stay! They may not be as classic as your usual white wedding gowns, but they sure are designs that will stand against time!

Nude colour in beige does play as a little teaser as its skin colour creates a peekaboo effect. This allows brides to show some skin and yet not overly or really doing it.

Nude Wedding Gown

With a lace embroidery meticulously designed to flawless intricate detailing, you should tie your hair into a bun or chignon so that the design of the wedding dress can be seen by your guests. For slimmer illusion of your face and cheeks, request for your make-up artist to create two wavy drop down strand of hair at both sides.

Gorgeous Bridal Gowns For Your Romantic Wedding Looks #2 : Modern Oriental Look

This has got to be one of our favourites in this bridal gown collection. We understand how brides would want to avoid looking too ‘oldie’ and ‘old-fashioned’ when it comes to wedding gowns.

If you are skipping the traditional costume for tea ceremony, which is usually known as the ‘kua’ and if red cheongsam is not your thing, this modern oriental bridal gown will be your best bet!

Modern Oriental Wedding Gown

Just look at the colours, which are made of two very calming and pure colours – White and Navy Blue. It still retains its oriental touch because of its mandarin collars as well as its China Ming Vase design.

It is somewhat still appropriate to be worn for customary sessions such as your tea ceremony but at the same time, it is not boring and old-fashion. If you are going to skip the tea ceremony session, then you can opt to wear this as the bridal gown for the 2nd march in!

Gorgeous Bridal Gowns For Your Romantic Wedding Looks #3 : Elegant Champagne Gold

There is just something mesmerizing about this piece of champagne gold wedding gown. With that sheen in the champagne satin, it is difficult to not fall in love with such a rich colour. Gold itself can be too bold and ‘old-fashioned’ when worn. Thus, mixing it with a colour lighter and milder such as this champagne, helps to tone it down a little.

Champagne Gold Wedding Gown

This creates a more classy and elegant look, coupled with its halter neck and low-backed design, it brings out the oozing sexiness of the bride. Still, it remains appropriate and nowhere near being too over the top. And well, don’t forget that little peekaboo high side slit to showcase your sexy long legs!

Gorgeous Wedding Gowns For Your Romantic Wedding Looks #4 : Birds of Paradise

To avoid donning the same or similar bridal gowns with other brides, the easiest trick is to opt for something out of the norm! Choose a colour that is least popular or one that has exquisite and unique colour combination and design.

That’s why we thought this bridal gown design could be something you can consider. With its minty colours and pastel shades, a sense of freshness naturally comes to mind. Plus, the highlight of this bridal gown is not merely the lace work; it is the patterns that are used to create a story.

If you were to take a closer look, you can tell that there are lace patterns of birds weaved amongst floral patterns. Not only does it bring life to the bridal gown design, but it surely adds a touch of boldness that allows it to be differentiated among other numbers.

Birds of Paradise Wedding Gown

Gorgeous Bridal Gowns For Your Romantic Wedding Looks #5 : Oriental Roses

It is quite common for people to associate greens and reds with Christmas. But with this exquisite bridal gown design, that association seems to more unreal!

Similar to the modern oriental look we recommended, this is also another tea bridal dress to consider. Stitched with intricate beaded lace embroidery, the transparent mesh on the neckline sure adds that oomph factor! Of course, don’t miss out the details on the backline.

Featuring a neat string of buttons and minimal lace work on the back, it really does bring out the design of the bridal dress and further accentuates the curves of the bride.

Oriental Roses Wedding Gown

Its lace illusion at its back is yet another very popular design that most brides adore. This is perfect for those who wants to flaunt their back but yet think that they do not have a flawless back to do so. The fine lace mesh helps to ‘conceal’ those flaws, creating a sexy back!


We hope you have enjoyed the previous humble wedding gown collection, Romantique, as your little visual feast! Don’t just gawk behind your computer or mobile screen, drop by Labelle Couture to see these beauties yourself!

Now, stay tuned for the upcoming bridal gown collection, which will be launching soon. A little bird told us that it features lots of floral patterns and sweet colours. Suitable for brides who want to easily transform from an ordinary lady to the most royal bride!


Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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