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5 Important Rules Most Brides Neglect To Do When Choosing Her Perfect Wedding Gown!

5 Important Rules Most Brides Neglect To Do When Choosing Her Perfect Wedding Gown!

The love of your life has just proposed to you in the most romantic (or comical ) way ever and you are incredibly excited to spend the rest of your life with him! Of course, the next exciting bit of this is to browse through catalogs of bridal gowns, try that gorgeous looking wedding gown and get a feel of it.

Despite drawing inspirations from bridal magazines and online sites, you might not have a clue of what you really want at all! Everything just looks so great and you are so tempted to try on every single wedding gown, from the lace number to that satin frock and omgosh how about the wedding dress with the plunging back line!?

There are many things that brides neglect to do which makes the experience of selecting the perfect wedding dress a downright disappointment from what they have envisioned. Lets look into these 5 tips every brides should know to have the most enjoyable experience in choosing her dream wedding gown!

Do Try To Envision How You Want Your Wedding To Be Like!

How you want your wedding to be like dictates the type of wedding gown you might end up going for.

For example, if you wish to hold a black tie event for your wedding, a classic ball gown or an intricate mermaid gown with detailed trumpet bottom should do the trick! Psyched to have a beach wedding with an extravagant wedding gown? You might end up looking like out of place, and you will definitely be the talk of the wedding but for the wrong reasons!

Bottom line is to always choose a wedding dress that complements the setting,background of your wedding venue or even the dress code! Otherwise, you will regret it when you look back at your wedding photos…

Do Only Bring A Few Trusted Friends When Trying Wedding dresses.

You might be thinking that it would be a great idea to invite a massive entourage when you are looking for the perfect wedding dress! It sounds fun…except it usually ends up being a disastrous episode!

The most common problem in having a big team of people to help you choose your wedding dress is that there are way too many opinions. You might be confident of being able to choose something that you like, but chances are you might be obligated to ‘like’ another wedding dress because of your entourage’s comments.

In fact, there were cases when brides almost break into hysterics because of the non-stop comments from her wedding entourage! And as if the planning of the wedding is not already that stressful to begin with….

The best way to enjoy the experience is to either bring your fiance along or just one to two female friends who are able to provide objective advice.

Do Wear Make Up Whenever You Are Trying On Wedding Gowns.

You might be wondering, if you are just trying on bridal gowns, there’s no need to put on make up at all right? Truth is, while you don’t need to go on a fully made up look (and leaving foundation stains on the wedding gowns), it is ideal to be a little dolled up with a little eyeliner and blusher on!

That way, you will be able to picture how the wedding gown will look like on you! Plus, you will feel much more confident when you adorn the bridal gowns. You wouldn’t have a chance to lament on how washed out you look too!

Do Wear A Right Pair Of Undergarments

Yes we know it sounds weird to request you newly engaged brides to adorn a right pair of undergarments, but based on experience, it has certainly helped brides choose their dream wedding gown!

For example, when brides wear a bra that is too big, they might appear more frumpy in a wedding gown or when a bride’s underwear is a little too tight, she might appear ‘lumpier’ as the line of the underwear digs into the abdominal area.

Therefore, it is important to wear undergarments of the right size so that you don’t have a chance to feel bad when you slip on the wedding dresses.

Do Communicate On Your Preferences!

Don’t like a wedding gown that has too much lace going on? Check

Don’t like a wedding dress that has too much embellishments? Check

Don’t like a wedding gown that has too much satin going on? Check

Unless your bridal expert also works as a fortune teller on the sideline, don’t expect her to understand your style with just a glimpse of how you are like! Share your preferences with her and don’t be shy to say no to the wedding dresses she has recommended to you! Chances are, she might be much happier to know your concerns than to just blindly suggest more wedding gown designs that simply don’t match the style you are going for!

Also, if you have any allergic reaction to certain materials, you must always bring this up to your bridal expert! If certain lace materials can cause you to break into hives, let her know so that she will stay clear from any gowns with too much lace details!

Otherwise, you might end up walking down the aisle with red spots over your body, and that’s not a pretty sight, right? Unless you are going for the polka dot theme…. then the risk might be worth it right? #justkidding


What do you think about these 5 tips? They sound simple but truth be told, not following one of them will have a great impact on your experience with choosing the perfect wedding gown!

Want to know more about how you can be a step closer to your perfect wedding gown and have a better understanding of our bridal services? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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