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5 Inspirational Sources To Nail Your Wedding Theme With The Right Bridal Gown

5 Inspirational Sources to Nail Your Wedding Theme With the Right Bridal Gown

Did you know that the fine details of your wedding can be weaved into a story that truly represents your love story? Of course, you want to ensure that you can have that iconic wedding that will make every wedding guests recall with nostalgia. In fact, your wedding will be the kind of wedding that springs up in their mind when couples are seeking for inspiration! And this starts with creating your very own wedding theme!

This time, we thought it would be great to share on how you can create the wedding theme with the right things! After all, don’t you want to create an iconic wedding theme that is oh-so-perfect for you? Do you want to make your big day a tad more special than the ones your wedding guests have attended?

If it’s a resounding ‘YES to these two questions, start your wedding theme brainstorm by looking to these 5 sources for inspiration! This time, Miraculove and La Belle Couture have specially put together elements of your bridal gowns and the inspiration for your wedding cards that you can go for!

  1. Wedding Theme 1: Mother Nature – For Organic Beauty In Your Wedding 

If you have a thing for the woods and greenery (think crispy leaves, rugged tree barks, bursting berries), it is important to choose bridal gowns that have deeper tone to the colour. Warmer colours of peaches, fuschia and burnt orange would definitely bode well with the beauty of Mother Nature. A wild, edgy Botanical Theme could be the one for you!

berries bridal gown rental singaporemiraculove_Mother nature and greenery

Image credits: Miraculove

Whereas, if you are a true blue fan of the Marine elements (pun intended!), then you should go for bridal gown designs that flow with cooler tones. With the deep azure blue waters of the seas and oceans speaking to your soul, an Aquatic Theme with a sunset tinge will be perfect for your wedding card!

ocean blue bridal dress singapore

The photoshoot venue is sponsored by National Gallery Singapore

miraculove wedding invitations marine

Image credits: Miraculove

Seasons and their extraordinary colours are beautiful ways to bring your wedding look together! Ranging from authum orange, winter blues, to spring pinks and summer yellow, you have the utmost freedom to choose what represents you best. For example, if you are a spring bride, then floral designs with blush tones would be great!. To complete the look, pick a bridal gown with touches of pink, blush and corals.

peach bridal dress rental singapore

Photoshoot venue is sponsored by National Gallery Singapore

Miraculove wedding invitation seasons

Image credits: Miraculove

**To find your perfect palette fit with season appropriate shades, hop over to Wedding Paper Divas.  

  1. Wedding Theme 2: Architecture – For Landscape Beauty In Your Wedding

Your wedding style can be inspired by cities you love and have travelled to. It can be places you’ve called home, venues you’ve dated or proposed to your partner. As opposed to nature lovers, you are a lover of architecture that feature intricate details. Fuse these landscape or architectural visual cues into your wedding theme so that the same sights that take your breath away can awe your guests.

satin pink bridal gown singapore

Photoshoot venue is sponsored by National Gallery Singapore

navy blue bridal gown rental singapore

miraculove wedding theme architecture

Image credits: Miraculove

Usually, such brides prefer their wedding gown or evening bridal gown to have structure! At the same time, the details play a major role as it helps define the bridal gown design.

  1. Wedding Theme 3: Poetry – For A Touch of Literature In Your Wedding

Literature really does have great poetry right? With the popular love poets such as Lang Leav and Debra Landau, you might find your fully immersed in the poems. In fact, you might catch a glimpse of your groom in the poems (hopefully in a good way, of course!)

Have certain words or verses touched a soft spot in your heart irrevocably? Penned in gorgeous calligraphy and integrated into vows, invitations, aisle runners, signage or wedding favours. And viola, you got yourself a beautiful wedding invitation that will definitely make your wedding guests feel good when the wedding comes to an end!

miraculove wedding favour poetry

Image credits: Miraculove

Fans of meaningful poems usually have deep yet strong personalities that allow them to understand difficult concepts.

What’s more important is to choose a bridal gown that bodes well with your personality. If you have a gentle nature, then choose bridal gowns or wedding dresses with soft lace work and fine beadwork. On the other hand, if you are outspoken and love to try new things, then go for bold designs that either feature a plunging neckline or backline!

wedding dress rental singapore 

  1. Wedding Theme 4: Music – To Make Your Wedding Sing

Familiar tunes and songs are common threads in relationships and often hold sentimentality for many couples. From rock to classical music, find a genre that best expresses your personality!

 miraculove wedding invitations music

Image credits: Miraculove

Plus, if the both of you play musical instruments, it would be much more meaningful to infuse these elements in this cards!

If you are musicians who intend to perform on stage for your wedding, then opt for wedding gown or bridal dress designs that are not only light, but it encourages easy movement. That way, you can perform at ease! A line cut is the way to go!

  1. Wedding Theme 5: Your Love Story

If inspirations from the outside world don’t cut it, look internally to your own love story for inspiration. Are there details of your relationship that has storytelling value?

miraculove wedding invitation love story

Image credits: Miraculove

Draw inspiration from this bespoke Children’s Storybook “Flight of the Flightless Bird”, conceptualised and illustrated for a groom-to-be. With his sweetheart being a well-loved educator, he proposed to her while she unsuspectingly read this storybook in the presence of her colleagues and students.

Because the groom-to-be’s moniker is Kiwi, he was personified as a flightless Kiwi Bird in the Storybook. In the story, what he saw of the world was limited because of his inability to fly. However, everything changed when he met the Phoenix of his dreams who opened his eyes and took him on a flight to see the world.

Of course, this is just one illustration of a love story! Write your love story into a timeless tale that would make an iconic wedding stationery for your reception and an excellent bedtime story for your children.

As for your wedding outfits, the most important thing is to always choose outfits that complement each other! After all, you both are a team that is all prepared to create wonderful memories. Plus…the last thing you want to look back at your pictures and feel that something is off.


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At the same time, speak to us if you want to know more about our services!

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