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Who Said You Need To Conform To Traditions? Uncover 5 Interesting Wedding Gown Features & Make A Statement On Your Big Day!

Who Said You Need To Conform To Traditions? Uncover 5 Interesting Wedding Gown Features & Make A Statement On Your Big Day!

On your wedding day, where you celebrate the union of you and your hubby, you’d want to embrace who you are. And when it comes to selecting a wedding gown that screams you, it’s all about the interesting wedding gown features that complement your wedding gown style.

From neckline to slits to beadwork, be sure to get them right – and you’d be strutting down the aisle making a bold statement! Read on to discover the 5 interesting wedding gown features that will transform your look into one that people will always remember!

Interesting Wedding Gown Features – #1 Plunge That Neckline!

Interesting Wedding Gown Features - Header

Nothing makes a stand more than a daring neckline! Show off your bold, confident personality with a deep V-neck or low cut back line from this wedding gown collection.

The neckline also pulls your look together and does wonders in accentuating your body shape. For example, if you’re well-endowed with slender shoulders and a narrow waistline, the V-neckline draws attention where necessary. What’s more? The sheer nude mesh keeps you from unwanted exposure!

Interesting Wedding Gown Features – #2 Adorn An Unique Skirt Design

Interesting Wedding Gown Features - Unique Skirt

Are you the kind of bride who’s unafraid to challenge tradition? This textured fabric creates volume and variety to your typical wedding ball gown.  With the fabric layered one above the other, they work together to break silhouette, while keeping the grandeur of the ball gown.

Donning on this unique wedding dress skirt design also helps narrow your waist and generously flares out at the hips, creating an hourglass shape. Your guests will definitely be wowed by this look!

Interesting Wedding Gown Features – #3 Pull The Slit Up

Interesting Wedding Gown Features - Slit

Tease your wedding guests with this thigh-high slit. The slit is covered with sheer fabric boasting an asymmetrical beadwork, a beautiful reminder of constellations in the night sky. Not only does it draw attention as you walk down the aisle, the slit also captivates your bold and subtle personality.

This mermaid wedding dress is perfect for brides who want to challenge boundaries and love to bold choices.  While high slit is highly raved after amongst brides, it is a wedding gown feature that most brides wouldn’t dare to try as it seems a little too alluring. Therefore, a sheer material is placed over the slit so that you don’t have to feel that self conscious!

Interesting Wedding Gown Features – #4 Mix The Palette

Interesting Wedding Gown Features - Colour Palette

Are you the no-nonsense career lady or the sweet girl-next-door? The modern day bride is unique and sophisticated (pink is no longer the colour for all girls!). You don’t all fall into one definition of femininity!

Let your personality shine through the vibrant colours of your bridal gown, such as this blended brown and green number here. In fact, modern brides might no longer shun away from bridal gowns of darker colours. You can consider black bridal gowns from the Sheer Love bridal gown collection, with golden embellishments that soften its colours and adds a little mystery!

Interesting Wedding Gown Features – #5 Assemble The Lace Florals

Interesting Wedding Gown Features - Lace

This intricate lace design with its asymmetrical beadwork creates a multi-dimensional look. It allures your wedding guests, like how sunsets and nature blooms does. Furthermore, this elaborate bridal gown design subtly features a sweetheart neckline that accentuates your bust area and also draws attention to your waist, assembling your hourglass figure.

Nail these give interesting wedding gown features right and you can pull together a look that speaks of your personality. As you usher in the new year, it’s time you embraced who you are and made a bold statement for yourself.

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