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5 Kinds Of Wedding Guests You Definitely Don’t Wish To Invite To Your Wedding

5 Kinds Of Wedding Guests You Definitely Don’t Wish To Invite To Your Wedding

Admit it. When you are preparing the list of people to invite to your wedding, you have that one wedding guest (or more) who sits right at the back of your mind and is close to being a thorn in a flesh. You know that he/she has the talent to turn your wedding from a yay to a nay!

You wish is to not have them as part of the list of guests, but you know that sometimes, that can’t happen because they are somehow connected to another guest whom you want to invite to your wedding. Not inviting them is as good as poking the eye of an angry dragon.

Sending a wedding invite is harder than solving the world’s difficult mathematic problem. What’s worst? Calling them personally to check their availability because you need to properly allocate your guests to the right table.

And of course, you secretly wish that the outcome is for them to not be available on your wedding day, but deep inside you know that is unlikely to happen.

We listed 5 kinds of guests we hover between inviting and not inviting and solutions to ensure that they don’t ruin your one and only special day!

Wedding Guest No. 1: The One With A Loudhailer Baby

Sometimes, it isn’t because you dislike this kind of guest, but you are so afraid to invite their whiny children to your wedding.

You might have probably witnessed them screaming the top of their lungs to and kicking a huge fuss for not having things their way. You might have even seen them shouting down at people who don’t worship the floor they are on or even throwing things around because…well they can.

And you start to think if they are going to pull the above stunts at your wedding. Instead of listening to melodic live performance, you will be drowned by the shrill voices of these monster babies whose energy levels never seem to subside.

You are probably afraid of two things:

  1. Watching a child steal your limelight of your wedding
  2. Reprimanding the child in front of your wedding guest and appear like an unreasonable bride/groom.

What you can do:

Kindly tell your guest to not invite his/her children because it is a wedding and the last thing you need is to watch a child destroy your big day. They probably understand where you are coming from and try to accommodate to your needs.

Wedding Guest No.2: The One Who is Narcissistic (a.k.a Kiasi)

There’s always that one guest who likes to compete and wants to come out tops. They will always have something to flaunt about when you are sharing great news because it is difficult for them to be at second place. Everything is a competition to him/her, and the only way to stop him/her is let her win.

For example, after such a long time, you finally managed to find the dream wedding gown at a bridal boutique and were so happy about it. When you share the news with them, they somehow are able to discuss about THEIR choice of outfits and how they got them from this luxurious brand, which is probably a lot more expensive than your outfit! Geeezzzzzz.

You are probably afraid of two things:

  1. Wasting your time listening to things that are of no use.
  2. Whipping out your duct tape to…well…tape over their mouths?

What you can do:

Kindly tell him/her that if they manage to not talk about themselves during the wedding, they will be considered the winners of the wedding.

Otherwise, don’t attend your wedding and keep that egoistical streak elsewhere because you don’t have time for that.

Wedding Guest No.3: The One Who is Anti Wedding And Is Bitter About Anything Related To Love

Having gone through a rough patch, this kind of wedding guest have a cynical view about marriages and don’t see the purpose behind celebrating the union of two fully committed individuals. They simply don’t believe in weddings, or rather, they have warped perspectives on it.

With that, they are quick to disparage any positive thoughts about love and will never allow themselves to see the good in situations. Such wedding guests are may rebut your views on your wedding and remind you that all the efforts you have invested in preparation for your wedding will come to a naught.

You are probably afraid of two things:

  1. Mentioning something casually that might remind them of their past hurts and get them going on a seemingly endless tirade.
  2. Unleashing your true thoughts and getting in a huge argument during your wedding

What you can do:

Kindly remind them positivity is greatly appreciated over snarky comments. They might have had an awful experience, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to go through the exact same thing.

Let go and they will be happier.

Wedding Guest No. 4: The One Who Knows It All And Criticises About Everything

When you share your opinions or ideas about your wedding, they are the first ones to shoot you down with their ideas. They tell you that your plans are horrible and they rattle on many reasons why your ideas are never going to work out. If only there were mute buttons…

On top of that, they will share their wealth of knowledge and recommend you to go for this vendor instead of the one you are working with because ‘the ones they know of are of a much better calibre’. They regard your decisions as amateur and truly believe that without them, your wedding is going to flop.

You are probably afraid of two things:

  1. When they ask you questions about your wedding, and you have to prepare yourself with an exhausting session on what you are supposed to do.
  2. Also whipping out your duct tape to tape their mouths.

What you can do:

Don’t tell them ANYTHING about the wedding. Just share on your wedding date and location. If you are that afraid, just tell them your wedding date. They can’t possibly know about auspicious dates… right?

Wedding Guest No. 5: The One Who Thrives On Gossip

Guests who fall under this category have one of the most foul smelling mouths ever. All that comes out of their lips is gossip, gossip and more gossip. They seem to know about everybody’s lives and they are more than happy to share it with you, even if it upsets you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Their lives are fuelled by people’s stories and admittedly, their ‘insider information’ can be interesting. But that’s the last thing you need in your wedding. After all, your wedding is about you and your partner, and it shouldn’t be about how person A is unhealthily obsessed with cats. Okay that’s a bad example, but you know where we are getting at right?

You are probably afraid of two things:

  1. They might share stories about you to another person who is directly involved in what they are talking about.
  2. Jumping onto them when they are on the verge of sharing personal stories about you, your partner or your best friends.

What you can do:

Kindly tell them to not divulge or even spread gossip to other wedding guests because it is your wedding and it would be very selfish of them to make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Otherwise, threaten them with their personal secrets. That ought to keep them glued to their seats (we are not kidding!).

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Share with us what kinds of guests do you hate and we might feature it!

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