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5 Lucky Colours To Select For Your Evening Dress In 2016

5 Lucky Colours To Select For Your Evening Dress in 2016

Happy Almost Chinese New Year! The festive season is upon us again and this means one thing: We have a bigger excuse to gorge down all the delicious delicacies and traditional snacks! Our stomachs are specially trained to eat any yummy chinese new year tidbits for the next few days 😉

It has been a long standing tradition to use certain colours to bring luck and fortune into your life, be it in your decorations outfits and even your evening gown for your wedding. It is a belief that the colours you wear will determine the harmony of energy between you and the zodiac of the year. This means wearing the right colour will allow you to receive more success, while wearing the clashing colours will result in the opposite.

This year, it is year of Monkey and the element of fire according to Fengshui theories online. The Fire Monkey bodes with warmer shades! So, fans of warmer shades such as red to orange, you are in for a good ride!

  1. Red

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2. Yellow

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3. Orange

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4. Purple

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5. Pink

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Of course, this is just an overview of the lucky colours of 2016. If you are interested in finding the best colours for yourself, it is important to take note of your personal birth elements and your zodiac. These two factors impacts the effect of colours that you wear and how it replenishes your energy! Also, the saturation of the colours play a role in how you will flourish with energy.

If you are particular about such traditions, it is advisable to go to a Fengshui master and check out the best colours to wear for the year!

What is your favourite colour? Share with us!

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