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5 Major Groom Needs For The Wedding

5 Major Groom Needs for the Wedding

It probably doesn’t come off as much of a surprise that we’re focused a lot on our brides. We care about their confidence, the way they dress, and how they look on their big day. Today, however, we’ll be turning our attention to the other VVIP of weddings. La Belle Couture takes a look at the groom’s needs (just like bridal needs) for the wedding!


The groom has to be well-prepared for the occasion, regardless of how little is spoken on the subject. It might be common for men to keep a low-profile as they approach their big day. 


But we don’t recommend this! After all, it is a special occasion to express your love for your partner. So don’t be overly concerned about being too mushy or anything! Let your heart soar and your bride will know and feel that you’re both in this together. 

Groom Needs for the Wedding Day #1: Choose A Suit that Complements Your Bride’s Gown (or vice versa)

There is no strict rule to it. Brides may arrange to complement her wedding gown’s design to match the style of her groom’s suit. But we’re guessing it is most likely the other way around since brides are usually more particular about selecting the perfect outfit.  

One thing to avoid at all costs is a clash of styles. Your outfits symbolise unity and compatibility. Therefore, couples should look the part when they tie the knot. White gowns usually go well in contrast with a sleek black suit. Brides opting for non-white wedding gowns should help grooms pick out suits of a similar hue, but perhaps in a different shade.

Groom Needs for the Wedding Day #2: Be a Bottle-popping Champ

It might not seem like much, but champagne-popping is a huge moment in a banquet. While alcohol can add fun to the wedding atmosphere, there is a greater significance to champagne. 


Traditionally, the way the groom pops champagne represents the quality of marriage. A cork that is blasted to the last row in the ballroom is good news while a jammed bottle or cork that barely makes it past the stage is poor. 


Grooms who aren’t confident should perform some practice rounds before the big day so they’re ready to impress the crowd when the time comes. 

Groom Needs for the Wedding Day #3: Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Through thick and thin applies to more than the married couple. We’re referring to groomsmen! These courageous souls were willing to brave the most nerve-wracking and humiliating trials with you during the gate-crashing party. They deserve a token of appreciation at the very least! 


Show how much you care by picking something special for each brave warrior. It could be anything, ranging from a drinking session, cash, or gadgets. Whatever it is, don’t forget about your band of brothers. 

Groom Needs for the Wedding Day #4: Surprise the Bride on the Big Day

Yes, brides are already receiving all the bliss in the world on their wedding day. But this doesn’t mean that grooms can’t add to the joy! Surprise your wife-to-be by preparing a heartfelt gift for her on the morning of your wedding. This could be in the form of jewellery, or a sentimental card sharing your raw emotions. But we’re not complaining if you plan to get her a car or yacht 🙂


The thoughtfulness will melt the heart of the bride, making the event even more memorable. And you’ll be rewarded with the breathtaking sight of her in her wedding gown

Groom Needs for the Wedding Day #5: Stay Sharp

We mean sharp in more ways than one. Grooms got to look suave and confident while having full control of the situation. This means that alcohol consumption should be moderated. The banquet isn’t a boy’s night out, there isn’t any obligation to get tipsy regardless of who’s egging you on. 


The wedding is one of the biggest events in your life. Your future wife, in-laws, and relatives are watching, along with your loved ones. You’ve got to be on your best behaviour to win their nods of approval. 


Grooms, you’ve got this! 




La Belle Couture understands that the recent pandemic has caused severe disruptions to wedding plans. We urge our couples to take the necessary precautions (we created a list in a previous article) during this trying period. 


Through cooperation and determination, we’ll overcome these hard times together. 


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There’ll be more fun videos coming up to keep you company at home, so stay tuned!


Take care, and let’s do our best to be socially responsible together!


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