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5 Reasons why you should definitely have a Pre-Wedding Photo shoot

In recent years, the concept and popularity of a pre-wedding photo shoot has increased tremendously, especially amongst young couples. Also known as an engagement shoot and usually done a few months before the wedding, a Pre-Wedding photo shoot is all about capturing the romance of you and your partner in picturesque settings before the Big Day, documenting precious memories and moments by professional photographers, that are to be cherished for life.

During the pre-wedding photo shoot, bridal portraits are also captured, usually held in an indoor photo studio. Traditionally, portraits were taken of the bride before the ceremony, to capture her anticipatory excitement and of her fabulous gown, of course! However, more and more, brides and grooms are posing together for these traditional portraits.
For some couples who have never been photographed by a professional photographer before, they will be very intrigued to take on this once in a lifetime experience. On the other hand, there are also some couples who are camera shy, or simply think that it is unnecessary and a waste of time.

Well, if you are still hesitating, take a look at our take on why we think a Pre-Wedding photo shoot is absolutely essential!

          1. It is a way to relieve your wedding planning ‘stress’.
The run-up to the wedding can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. Between dress fittings, creating seating plans and food tasting, it can be difficult to find a moment for just the two of you. A Pre-Wedding photo shoot is chance for the both of you to take time off and to have fun and reconnect with each other.

          2. It gives you a chance to get acquainted with the camera.
Especially for those who are camera shy, treat this as a dry run. Eliminate those camera nerves and get comfortable in front of the camera lens before the actual day.

3.It adds a personal touch to your wedding.
You can use the photos that you take during your Pre-Wedding photo shoot to craft a unique Save the Date that you can send out to your guests. These photos can also go on a wedding website, should you choose to make one, or to decorate the reception. You can also feature photos from your pre-wedding shoot on a slideshow highlighting your love story on the projection screens.

4. It gives you a sneak preview on how you may look like on the actual day.

Some brides consider the pre-wedding photography to be a dress rehearsal for their wedding day. A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to “try out” your hair stylist and make-up artist before the big day. You’ll get to see how you’ll look in professional photos, and advise your style team if you want any adjustments made for your wedding.

5. Imagine how nice it will be to be flipping through these albums 10 years down the road and revel in your love journey, perhaps with your children. A Pre-wedding photo shoot is less formal thus there’s room for lots of creativity, as compared to your actual day. Let your imagination run wild and tell your love story through photos! There are endless possibilities as you can have a shoot pretty much anywhere you want.

Above all, being able to have fun while taking photos in a carefree and relaxed atmosphere will definitely translate to some awesome pictures of the two of you.

If you are convinced, then look out for more as we share more information and advice on Pre-Wedding photoshoot.

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