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5 Red Flags You Need To Look Out For Before Signing Up For Any Bridal Vendors!

5 Red Flags You Need To Look Out For Before Signing Up For Any Bridal Vendors!

Bridal vendor red flags, how much do you know?

You might have heard of the recent news about bridal shops closing down without any warning. Such closures can happen at lightning speed and strike you when you least expect it. 

It is a natural reaction for brides to be alarmed and to raise their guard after the brouhaha. After all, bridal vendors are meant to inspire trust and confidence while preparing the perfect wedding. You wouldn’t foresee a hit-and-run.  

What about the implicate brides? It is a living nightmare for them to be left stranded without a vendor, especially when they’re just weeks shy from their big day. A wedding is supposed to an incredible day, but that can only happen if you take precautionary measures. 

Read to look out for the 5 bridal vendor red flags and avoid going down a nightmarish road!

Bridal Vendor Red Flag #1: They Sell You Things You Don’t Need

A decent bridal vendor should not be force-feeding you with entire suites of wedding packages. Also, they should not be disregarding or pushing your budget. In fact, they should be taking the time and patience in guiding you through each offer. Vendors should seek the ideal fit according to your financial means and personality.    

If your wedding professional is thoughtlessly throwing every product your way, it’s time to seriously reconsider their true motives. 

Bridal Vendor Red Flag #2: Everything Looks Good

Similar to our first point. Some vendors may compliment every wedding gown that you’re putting on, even when you look like an awkward potato. Such vendors may also claim that every wedding photography shot or bridal decor is destined for you.  


Steer clear from any vendor who doesn’t seem to be genuinely interested in assisting you. Remember, these professionals are there to plan the best wedding arrangement, not the fastest route to your wallet.  


Wedding couples deserve professional sincerity, not a bag of pandering lies. 

Bridal Vendor Red Flag #3: Poor Online Presence

We’re not fussing about the way a bridal vendor’s website is designed because aesthetics are subjective. When we talk about poor online presence, we’re referring to the efficiency of query responses, social media activity, follow-ups, etc.  


In the digital age, the way a business reacts to online customers is usually a reflection of real-life service quality. If a vendor takes forever to respond to a query, or reply with unhelpful answers that fire all over the place, you should begin looking elsewhere.


The only exception is that your vendor is an old school business that relies on walk-ins and word of mouth. But let’s face it, such establishments are as rare as brides without makeup. 


Bridal Vendor Red Flag #4: Bad Contract Practices

You need all the assurance you can get. Avoid the “he said she said” pitfalls by having every discussed item clearly worded in your contract with the vendor. Sound out your vendor if the terms and conditions in your contract seem vague – you need to ensure that every line and clause makes COMPLETE sense. 


A respectable company would take the trouble to explain any part of the contract that you’re unsure about or uncomfortable with. Never rush through a contract or rely on assumptions when in doubt. Always check that everything is in black and white, don’t accept verbal agreements! If the vendor seems hesitant to address uncertainties, take that as your cue to leave!


Bridal Vendor Red Flag #5: Hidden Pricing 

So you’ve seen the wedding gown of your dreams and a package that includes everything you’ve ever wanted BUT pricing is nowhere in sight. You’ve combed through all in-store brochures and online pages and STILL no sign of pricing! 

The only indicator of pricing comes in the form of honeyed words from the lips of your vendor. And what’s worse is that it seems like the price lowers the more they “like you”, or extra fees suddenly appear for sequins and the works.  

One piece of advice: run like the wind! 

Vendors should always be crystal clear about how much they’re charging. This builds transparency and fosters a sense of credibility. Any respectable business should be consistent and honest in their dealings. 


While our points can help you make better-informed choices, remember to stay sharp in detecting other signals that seem off. This could be anything, from a shady backroom, to pretentious staff and payment issues. 

At La Belle Couture, we hold our brides in the highest regard. If you’ve got any questions, we’re always happy to serve you. We understand that the wedding is a milestone event that heralds a blissful marriage.  

Every bride deserves the best and we’re always up to the challenge in delivering just that. 

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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