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5 Secret Pre-Wedding Photography Locations In Singapore Revealed!

5 Secret Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Singapore Revealed!

Are you concerned that your local pre-wedding photography will be boring and mundane as Singapore seem too small to have any interesting places? Well, that is completely untrue! In this article, we will reveal 5 secret pre-wedding locations in Singapore! The best thing is, they are uncommon, so you need not fret that others may have the same locations as you!

Secret Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Singapore #1 : Toy Museum

If you are a toy fanatic, then no doubt this is THE place for you! Capturing your pre-wedding photography at a place surrounded by things you love can never go wrong! Stepping into this toy museum already relives our childhood and this can only mean we feel happy, relaxed and free like a child! We are pretty certain that with such positive and happy ambience, there is definitely nothing stopping you from smiling and laughing! This comes in handy if you are concerned about smiling awkwardly to the camera because your smiles will come naturally.

Here is another useful tip. If you are heading down to Toy Museum to have your pre-wedding photography done, do consider the type of outfit that you are going to wear too! We suggest a more casual look and feel to match the environment. You may even inject in more fun by spunking up your outfit by incorporating funky bright-coloured high socks, big spectacles, suspenders etc!

Secret Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Singapore #2 : Ang Siang Street

While most of us live in this contemporary era, this does not stop us from admiring the relics from the past. With the demolition of several historical architecture in Singapore, to preserve their histories, some parts of of our sunny island still encompass these beautiful architecture! Each of them has a story to tell.


Pre-wedding photography : Ang Siang Street

You may be one of those who loves the ambience and feel of the 70s era and often find yourself smittened with your parents’ wedding photographs. Well, now you can get a similar semblance too at Ang Siang Street!

For a more oriental feel, you may consider donning a beautiful mermaid-cut cheongsam with a big red rose, neatly tucked behind your ears. Your husband-to-be may even bring a stalk of gorgeous red rose as a prop for your pre-wedding photography! After all, this was how couples in the past used to do while going on a blind-date since technology was not that advanced then.

Secret Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Singapore #3 : Little Guilin

Are you a huge nature lover? Love greenery and scenic lake?  Hidden somewhere in the West of Singapore lies the beautiful granite rock which has an uncanny resemblance to that of Guilin in China, within a lake. Hence, the name Little Guilin. Such peaceful and serene ambience will no doubt reflect on your pre-wedding photography too!


Pre-wedding photography : Little Guilin

If you are overly stressed on your pre-wedding photography or for your wedding preparations, this soothing atmosphere can help you find your zen too.

Secret Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Singapore #4 : Arab Street

Arab Street is wonderful for those who are into graffiti and vibrant colours! Its vibrancy is almost an instant mood booster. Located at the central of Singapore, Arab Street is conveniently accessible.

We say go easy and simple for your pre-wedding photography outfit. You may consider a more casual pre-wedding photoshoot, rather than a glamourous formal looking one. It would certainly look very mis-matched if you were to don a classic ball gown and your husband-to-be, a tuxedo.

Secret Pre-Wedding Photography Locations in Singapore #5 : Raffles Marina

Nothing beats having your pre-wedding photography taken alongside a romantic sunset at a breath-taking horizon. Besides the yachts and ships at Raffles Marina’s dock, you should also look out for its iconic lighthouse. This lighthouse sits at the tip of Raffles Marina and overlooks the Tuas Second Link, Singapore’s second causeway to Malaysia.

Moreover, how often do you chance upon lighthouses in Singapore? There are a hand few but not as beautiful as this one!

With these 5 secret pre-wedding photography locations in Singapore revealed, we hope that you will never find Singapore boring again! Are there any other unique locations which are not commonly seen or heard, but are perfect for pre-wedding photography too? Do share with us!

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