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5 Simple Resolutions For Engaged Couples To Have In 2016

5 Simple Resolutions For Engaged Couples To Have In 2016

2016 is finally here! Of course, no new year is complete without a new set of resolutions (and the addition of 2015’s resolutions that have yet to be fulfilled). Sometimes, it is hard to keep up with goals, especially with the clutter and banter we go through on a regular basis!

Because of that, sometimes couples get into unnecessary quarrels. It takes time and effort to maintain a relationship, and think of the bright side. Sometimes, the fights and quarrels can allow us to learn to avoid hurting each other (like how the groom should never comment on how fat his bride looks…right? *sniggers* )

However, if you are a fan of raised voices and angry squabbles, then this blogpost is not suitable for you (and may we suggest that you seek for counselling?). Otherwise, couples who have the intention to keep the relationship strong and healthy, should read these 5 couple resolutions to adopt in 2016!

Resolution 1: Go For A Jog With Your Partner At Least Once A Week

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After a long day of work, all you want to do is to rest on the couch, be it alone or with your partner. You might even open a bag of potato chips or indulge in a tub of vanilla ice cream as you watch the YouTube videos you couldn’t watch at work 😉

Instead of doing that (and gaining weight at the same time), you can use the time to jog with your partner once a week! It is a great time to set a target together and work towards it. For example, you and your partner can aim to finish 5km under 45 minutes and progressively aim for better results. Besides, the both of you can be trimmed together, fit better into your wedding outfits and watch your relatives look at the both of you with great envy!

Resolution 2: Prepare A Meal Together Instead Of Dining Outside

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A typical date is usually one where the both of you dine outside at a fancy restaurant or a nice bar. Even though the food is absolutely delicious, you are probably preoccupied by the bill. You might even remind yourself to scrimp on your lunches or even resort to eating bread and butter…

Instead of spending your money, you and your partner can cook a meal together! It doesn’t have to 5 star quality or be super complicated too (but we hope that it turns out edible, and perhaps you can share it with us!). It is a great opportunity to work as team too as the both of you discover how to use different ingredients as you guys follow the instructions written in the recipe!

At the same time, it can put yours and your partner’s cooking to the test. Whoeever is the better cook, will be in charge of the meals in the future! 😉

Resolution 3: Put Your Phones Away And Catch Up With Life!

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Technology has played a big part in our lives. All of us rely on it for any kind of purpose. From spending time browsing through your social media and finding something to gossip about, to reading interesting articles and researching on the latest news.

Although there is so much interesting content on the Web, it stops you from having real conversations. Thus, when you are with your partner, put your phone asides to spend quality time and catch up with the latest events, instead of finding them out on social media platforms.

Resolution 4: Give Each Other Little Presents From Time To Time.

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It doesn’t have to be a luxurious item! It can be a bar of chocolate to tackle the hunger pangs, a bag of candies to keep awake, a single rose or even and so forth. By buying something small (yet thoughtful), it will definitely make your partner feel appreciated as he/she feels that you always have them in your mind!

Besides, it is a nice gesture and can help uplift one’s spirit and mood, especially if your partner had a rough day!

Resolution 5: Thank Each Other On A Daily Basis.

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This is an important yet severely neglected factor that couples always forget to do. Take 15 minutes before your sleeping time to be thank each other. Thank your partner for greeting you cheerily in the morning, or him/her being there to chat with you when you are bored out of your wit, or when that time he looked at you with those loving eyes when he saw you in your wedding gown!

Of course, a healthy relationship comes with compromising and avoiding mistakes that both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be make! There are habits that couples should try to inculcate to ensure that the relationship prospers into something so beautiful that even your enemies have nothing bad to say about you!

Of course, the last sentence shouldn’t be the main reason on maintaining a relationship, but you know that would be a shiok feeling right? 😉

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