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5 Special Wedding Photography Moments You Must Capture On Your Actual Wedding Day!

5 Special Wedding Photography Moments You Must Capture on your Actual Wedding Day!

We all know how there will be tonnes of photo taking by your wedding photographer on your actual wedding day. They seem to be busily snapping away, capturing almost everything and anything. However, do you know what are some of the moments that should be captured? These are some 5 special wedding photography moments that we think must definitely be inside your wedding photography!

Special Wedding Photography Moment  #1 : Putting On The Veil By Parents

In the past, most brides would require to put on a veil that is opaque to prevent the grooms from running away (note that arranged marriages was the hype in the past!). Now things have changed and most brides now opt for a simple white veil that reveals a little but too much of her face. It is almost like a teaser for the groom as he greets her with elation (plus it also means the gate crashing is over!). 

It is a tradition for most Singaporean brides to have their parents put the veil over them before the groom arrives. Putting on the veil is a special moment for the parents as well as the bride, which also showcases their family bond and ties. It is almost like marrying their daughter off and sending her into the hands of her groom.

Well, there is also something about how a bridal veil represents purity and chastity, while some believe it wards off spirits that can ruin your wedding. But it doesn’t really matter that much…right?

Special Wedding Photography Moment #2 : Unveiling By The Groom & Kissing The Bride

Of course, unveiling the bride’s veil can be a special wedding photography moment for the excited couple too. Ideally, it means that the groom is the first to see his bride’s face and marvel at how beautiful she is (we have heard of stories of how grooms have broken down into tear upon witnessing her face). 

While kissing simply symbolises their love and affection for one another, removing the bridal veil should not be missed too. It is a simple yet meaningful moment that is exclusively to the bride and groom!


Special Wedding Photography Moment #2 : Unveiling By The Groom & Kissing The Bride

Special Wedding Photography Moment #3 : Tea Ceremony

For the typical Chinese couple in Singapore it is common for them to go through certain customs. One is to receive blessings from both sides of the families during the tea ceremony session. This is when the wedding couple serve tea to their elders in the family as respect and in return, the elders finishes the tea as a gesture of giving blessings. In exchange, wedding gifts or tokens, such as red packets, may be presented.


Special Wedding Photography Moment #3 : Tea Ceremony

Special Wedding Photography Moment #4 : The I-Do Moment

Have you ever witness couples who have tears springing out of their eyes as they recite their wedding vows that reflect deep feelings and the commitment towards one another? It is also the time when most wedding couples shed tears of joy as they tie the knot as one. After which, they would exchange wedding bands and have that lovey-dovey expression imprinted on their faces. 

That is certainly a wedding photography moment that doesn’t happen often and you should never miss capturing that! It is definitely a special moment you must capture for your actual day wedding photography.

Special Wedding Photography Moment #5 : The Wedding Aisle


Special Wedding Photography Moment #5 : Signed, sealed and delivered

Last but not the least, the best moment is when the bride enters the hall and grace the aisle with the groom right beside her! Just imagine how effortlessly radiant you are when that happens to you! Nothing beats the feeling of walking down the aisle with your partner, and you can be sure that your face will light up in joy! And that is a breathtaking moment you wouldn’t want to miss. 

These are the 5 special wedding photography moments we think is memorable to capture on your wedding day for your wedding photography! What do you think? Are there any other unforgettable moments which you think care camera-worthy to take? Share your thoughts with us!

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