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5 Telltale Signs Of Being A Last-Minute Bride

5 Telltale Signs Of Being A Last-Minute Bride

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Dear brides, when something urgent crops up, what is your first step?

  1. Put your current tasks aside and attend to the situation RIGHT NOW.
  2. Idle and snack on your chocolate bar while watching a movie online. And somehow furiously resolve the issue 5 minutes before the deadline.

If you chose the latter, then you are a Last Minute Bride!

This means that you have at least 6 months from your wedding and you probably haven’t gotten down to anything. When relatives throw you questions about the progress of your wedding preparations, all you can do is shrug your shoulders and continue munching on your chocolate bar.

Because you know (& pardon the amateurish lingo), but…chocolate rules. Even more than your groom.

Do you know what’s the most curious thing? It doesn’t matter how hectic your life is. It doesn’t matter how you haven’t bathed in a long time as you try to complete your assigned tasks.

Somehow you get through it unscathed. Well, perhaps slightly more wonky, but life’s fun with a dash of insanity.

But don’t ever underestimate the stress of preparing for a wedding! There are so many steps to complete in a wedding, and if you had to do it within or even under 6 months, we can assure you that you will go crazy.

Look at these 6 deadly signs of being a last-minute bride and see if any of them fits! If all of the symptoms apply…then you should really consider starting early or right at this instant!

Last-minute Bride Sign #1 You’re Always in a Hurry                   

For some reason, you’re always rushing from one destination to another (i.e., when choosing a wedding gown). There’s no such thing as a rest stop. The word ‘break’ barely exists in your dictionary! And that’s only because you sleep at night.

During the hours of being awake, you just keep going because there’s so much on your plate. Plus, you yearn to make full use of every day. Every second of rest is every second wasted, you say!

Do you know what’s the best part of this? Your stamina is twice as better as a regular early human being. No, we’re just kidding but it is likely to be true since you’re always running about. Life is truly a marathon, in your case.

But seriously, that’s not something to be proud of.

Last-minute Bride Sign #2 Being Messy is Your Identity

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Ever had your mother drown your ears with excessive comments on how messy you are? Or how she keeps nagging at you and claiming that you’ll never find a boyfriend if you are this disorganised?

Well, the latter is probably accomplished, but the former will never cease UNTIL you manage to keep a place neat for a day minute.

That is very unlikely…isn’t it.

But for some miraculous reason, you’re able to find everything! From that specific top from Forever21 to that specific folder of confidential information, you are able to find things within your piles of mess.

However, it may not be all that good. Don’t you always have those mini surprises when you ‘bump’ into an item you haven’t seen in a while, such as long lost love note from your admirer, or that sweet wrapper from 4 years ago? This is precisely why it is so dangerous! What if you threw aside important information? You know you can never gauge your surprises!

Remember, Murphy’s law is above all laws.

Last-minute Bride Sign #3 Your Friends Complain About your Tardiness

The number one thing that your friends dislike about you is how you’re always late for an appointment! And when you reason with them on why you are late, they will roll their eyes and accept that there’ll never be an occasion when you’ll be early.

And sometimes, they get really annoyed but they probably love you too much to lose their cool.

But it doesn’t mean it can’t happen!

Let me tell you the truth: When you prepare for your wedding at the last minute, it isn’t only you who suffer the consequences; your friends suffer with you too.

You have to understand that not everybody functions the way you do. Your bridesmaids are likely to try their best to ensure that your wedding goes well, and if you keep up with the tardiness, it can be really frustrating for them! Make do without the tardiness and start now or you will have nobody accompany you for wedding gown testing.

Last-minute Bride Sign #4 You’re Easily Distracted

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Whenever you’re attempting to focus on the task at hand, there’s always something else that overtakes your concentration, even if it is remotely interesting.

For example, when you are trying your best to complete your work, the ant by the corner suddenly appears a lot more fascinating. Your eyes start to follow it and before you know it, it is the end of work, and you’re barely halfway through the work!

If you are a last-minute bride, you’re probably distracted by something else as you read this blog post. Right? No? Alright.

Last-minute Bride Sign #5 You Still have no Idea What a Typical Wedding is Like

This is a critical sign of being a last-minute bride. You don’t know what you are supposed to do, and even though if you are or might be panicking, the above 5 signs will kick in and you’ll procrastinate instead of doing something about your wedding!

You’ll regret it if you start too late. We’ve seen couples panicking before and it isn’t a very pretty sight.



If the article seems to describe you, don’t fret. The patient and experienced bridal consultants at La Belle will help sort out your wedding needs from A to Z without delay. From choosing the ideal wedding gown to setting up the perfect backdrop for your bridal photography, we cover it all. Drop us a message or reach out to us on social media to get started!

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