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5 Things You MUST Prepare For Your Wedding Photoshoot

5 Things You MUST Prepare For Your Wedding Photoshoot

One of the more enjoyable things in your wedding to-do list is your wedding photoshoot! Imagine looking all beautiful (and attractive) with your other half, with the wind in your hair…

While that is true, your pre wedding photography can also an exhausting and tedious process too (we don’t mean to scare you, but most of our brides do come back with an exhausted face…). Do you want to know how you can reduce all that stress for your wedding photoshoot? Then you are in luck! Here is a list of 5 items which you MUST prepare for your wedding photoshoot! And don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Things You MUST Prepare For Your Wedding Photoshoot #1 : A Pair Of Slippers

The sun is scorching hot and there you are, fiddling with your heavy wedding gown and trying your best not to trip over. Worse still, you are struggling to walk properly in your heels. You may already even be suffering from blisters from your heels. We have all been there, done that. Thus, we understand how tiresome and frustrating wedding photoshoot can be sometimes!

One of the most important things you MUST prepare for your wedding photoshoot is thus a pair of slippers. The trick when making yourself feel more comfortable during your wedding photoshoot is to walk in your slippers while carrying along your heels. After your wedding photographer directed you on your position to stand, stay on that spot, change out of your slippers and slip into your pair of heels. Your wedding photographer, groom or helper may then help to organise and lay your wedding gown train nicely (while you just stand there because you are truly the princess of the day!).

When that’s done, you can just get ready to pose for the camera!


Image Credit : Kcmode

It is really that simple.

Furthermore, walking in your comfortable slippers will reduce any mishap you may have when donning your wedding gown, walking and climbing from place to place. I mean, you wouldn’t want to fall flat on your face (into the mud or concrete floor). Either way, it doesn’t seem really good!

Things You MUST Prepare For Your Wedding Photoshoot #2 : Recce Your Wedding Photoshoot Locations And Plan Your Schedule Accordingly

During your wedding photoshoot, time is always of essence as you have a tight schedule to adhere to. This means that you will need to plan your day properly so as to maximize the time provided.

But how and where do you start?

You need to do your homework before your wedding photoshoot. Doing research on the wedding photography locations you and your partner want to take your wedding photos at is extremely important as it will determine your schedule! List down the locations and then take time to visit them. Recce suitable areas so that you will not waste time searching for them.

For example, Punggol in Singapore has mainly a few landmark areas which most wedding couples go for their wedding photoshoot. The wavy long slender bridge is a rare sight in our urban Singapore. Thus, its uniqueness.


Wedding Photography Punggol Bridge

Punggol has another beautiful natural landscape to offer. At Punggol field, the gorgeous and serene lalang field encapsulates a very soft and dreamy feel. Perfect for those who love the vintage and fairytale theme. Do note that this is only available during a certain season and a little bird told us there is no trespass sign there!


Wedding Photography Lalang Field

Things You MUST Prepare For Your Wedding Photoshoot #3 : Bring Along a Mini Portable Fan and Serviettes

Beads of perspiration are trickling down. With such thick and heavy wedding attire, both you and your partner are battling against the sweltering heat (which is unavoidable in our little sunny island). We say, bring along a mini portable fan so that you can cool yourselves down whenever needed. You will be thankful for that, trust us.

Also, to prevent ruining your make-up, use absorbent wipes such as soft serviettes. This is because they do not tear easily, leaving trails of tissue bits on your face and hair. Gently pat them against your face and avoid rubbing as it will smudge your make-up.


Image Credit : eBay

Things You MUST Prepare For Your Wedding Photoshoot #4 : Bring A Bottle Of Water

As you are bound to perspire, you are definitely going to need to rehydrate yourself under the heat. We advise that you bring along a bottle of water, but that’s not it. Use a straw to drink rather than drinking from the bottle itself. This is because it will be less likely to mess up your lip make up.

Things You MUST Prepare For Your Wedding Photoshoot #5 : A Button Blouse

Button Blouse

Button Blouse

Do not underestimate the importance of a button blouse. You will need this because you have to wear one while you are having your make-up done. This is so that when you change out into your wedding gown, it will not affect your make-up and hairdo which your make-up artist has painstakingly done. The last you want is to ruin your outlook and having to redo all over again – remember, time is of the essence!

Plus, if you intend to go for a casual style for your wedding photos, a button down blouse is better because you won’t be wasting your time squeezing through a T-shirt and worry about smudging your make up (and onto your shirt)!

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