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5 Useful Hacks That Instantly Slim You Down And Slash Your Measurements!

5 Useful Hacks That Instantly Slim You Down And Slash Your Measurements!

Every girl’s dream is to not only marry the man of her dreams; it is to look effortlessly slim during any occasion!

This is especially true on her big day, where everybody is watching her throughout the whole event.

Even as a newly wed-to-be, you’re probably planning on how to lose the flabs and read through several articles and magazines on the types of food to avoid, such as chocolates, fried food and unhealthy carbs….

And then you’re wondering if you have the capacity and discipline to accomplish that feat. You might be able to make do without the carbs but seriously, who doesn’t love fried food!?

Before you starve yourself with miserable salads (without the dressing) and tasteless steamed chicken to slash your measurements, we have 5 hacks to share with you that will instantly slim you down! You’ll be grateful for them when your day arrives.

#1 Opting For The V Neckline


There’s no finer method to have the illusion of a slimmer torso and waistline than opting for a V neckline! Not to mention, the V neckline helps to elongate your proportions, thus adding a few inches to your frame.

Plus, the V neckline is a best friend of women who are well-endowed! We are absolutely confident that every woman on your wedding day will be envious of your cleavage, while every man on your wedding day will be geared up to push your groom off a building just so that they have a chance to be yours!

The only people who may not be too keen on the idea are your partner and parents! The best way is to opt for a V neckline that isn’t too low! That way, not only will you look gorgeous in the eyes of your guests, but your partner and parents will be less worried about the accidental zaogeng bits.

Of course, not every girl is comfortable with V necklines! If you don’t feel confident about your arms, then you can opt for ¾ sleeves for your wedding/evening gown! That will add an elegant touch.

#2 Choosing Outfits That Fit Nicely

Have you ever gone shopping and picked a top without even trying it because of how baggy it looks and how it will be effective in making you appear slimmer?

Most women have done that, or at least once in their lifetime! But sometimes, do you feel that these baggy clothes somehow add ‘pounds’ to your frames? Especially when the top looks too airy? Often or not, ill fitting clothes tend to do the opposite of what you think it is supposed to do!

Fortunately (or unfortunately for fans of baggy clothes), wedding/evening gowns are generally more fitting. However, what’s more important is to wear a gown that not only accentuates your assets, but fits you like a glove!

Sounds easy? Well it is FAR from easy.

Here’s the tricky bit: it is much easier to find the gown of your dreams than to have it fit your properly!

It takes great skills and talent to be able to tailor clothes that fit just right. Adding or losing one inch can make a drastic difference in how you look!

For example, if the gown is smaller by an inch, you might look squashed underneath the gown! The tightness of the gown will ‘push’ your skin out of the cloth, making you appear ‘fatter’. On top of that, it is proven that skin tight clothes can result in several problems, including back aches and abdominal pains! You don’t want that to happen, do you!?

Vice versa! If the gown is bigger by an inch, you’ll be spending the whole wedding pulling your gown up to stop it from falling off! Not only will the gown be unflattering, but the whole idea of yanking your gown up will definitely kill the fun of the wedding. Instead of being radiant, you will be too busy trying to hold your outfit together. Trust us when we say this, but this memory is not one that photographs well!

In other words, a gown that could have looked great on you, may turn you into a laughing stock if the tailoring is not carried out properly.

Always, and always check if the gowns fits you well. If your guts tells you that there is something off about the fit of the gown, just follow it. You are usually right 90% right.

Well most of the time. So it is important to have a tailor and a bridal consultant who is able to gauge when you are unable to.

Read here to know the type of gowns that suit different body shapes!

#3 Getting Shapewear!

If you’re insecure about that tiny bulge of fat and afraid that it will be obvious under the gown, there’s one magic tool that will fix that…

That’s right. It is the shapewear that even celebrity Kylie Jenner is wearing! You might be sceptical about the whole idea! But it really works like a charm.

The right piece of shapewear not only flattens your problematic areas, but it smoothens out your bulges! Shapewear ranges from many kinds, from those that concentrate on trimming your waist, to those that focus on your hips look leaner! In fact, there are full-body shapewear pieces that will define your frame. With shapewear, you don’t have to bother about sucking your tummy in because it will do the job for you.

All you have to do is to walk down the aisle and impress all your guest! Nobody would know about the shapewear anyways ;).

#4 Wearing The Right Undergarments Of The Right Size

Similarly, the right undergarments makes a whole lot of difference to how you look in a gown!

Based on experience, 8 out of every 10 brides have been wearing the wrong bra size! Not only does this translate into an uncomfortable experience, but an ill-fitting bra will only make you appear less slimmer!

Although most brides wear a nu bra on their wedding day, it is still very important to pick the right size. A bra that is too small will result in a visible bump right above the top of the cups, which is both unsightly and uncomfortable. On the other hand, a bra that is too big will leave a gaping hole between the cup and the breast, and all you will feel is the nu bra sliding off as you move from one place to another.

Basically, not a good and secure feeling! Imagine when the nu bra slips under the gown and lands on the floor….

Lets not go there, shall we?

Also, it is important to have underwear that fits well. Go for seamless underwears so that you won’t experience the Visible Panty Lines (VPL). This is especially important for brides who are going for the mermaid or sheath cut!

#5 Selecting The Right Fabric And Colours!


Lastly, looking slimmer ends with choosing the right fabric and colour!

First of all, fabrics (e.g Satin) that tend to reflect a lot of light will create the illusion of a bigger frame! However, most brides prefer Satin as it gives structure to the gown! One way to tackle this is to go for a gown that uses several materials, such as lace and organza.

On top of that, you can opt for colours that are of a darker shade, which have a slimming effect! If your parents are adament against choosing a gown of a dark shade, then you can opt for designs that are cleverly designed to have a multitude of colours that not only adds life to the gown, but slims your overall frame!

We hope that this blogpost shed some light on how losing weight isn’t always about starving yourselves. Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is to find a solution that gives immediate results AND doesn’t hurt you at all!

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