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5 Valentine’s Day Wedding Tips That Leave An Impression

5 Valentine’s Day Wedding Tips That Leave An Impression

Valentine’s day, 14th of February, it is the special time of the year where couples go the extra mile in expressing their love. A Valentine’s Day wedding could be the sweetest affair ever – with the right dose of preparation. 

We’ll take a closer look at five creative things you can do to give an emotional experience for your partner!

And nope, it doesn’t involve predictable chocolates, rose bouquets or Teddy bears!

 Valentine’s Day Wedding Tip #1: Selecting Exclusive Decor

Most wedding vendors offer exclusive deals during Valentine’s day. Be sure to check  catalogues for Valentine’s day specials as you’re approaching the date. These may include unique wedding arches, centerpieces, table linen, chair covers, cushions, and floral arrangements with fancy names. 

Exclusive items will make all the difference in dolling up a spectacular space for guests and wedding photography

Valentine’s Day Wedding Tip #2: Soaking in the Romantic Atmosphere

Valentine’s day displays are usually found throughout Singapore. From the facade of shopping malls, to the lawns of the botanical gardens, these exhibits are truly mesmerising. They provide you with greater options for wedding photography without extra cost! So embrace and use the atmosphere to gain inspirations, take it all in, then take some photos. 

Valentine’s Day Wedding Tip #3: Themed Delicacies

Wedding banquets usually feature the same few courses, but a Valentine’s day theme could change that. Giving it a oomph on your table displays. Include honeyed ham (to symbolise a sweet relationship) and a splash of colours to the meal (to show how vibrant your love is). 


Go ahead and experiment with symbolic dishes with your own meaning. 


This will give your guests a fresh perspective. Oh, and dessert is mandatory since sweetness is a major part of the theme. 


You might wanna consider Valentine’s day classics like rainbow cupcakes and jelly heart cheesecake, YUM!


Valentine’s Day Wedding Tip #4: Love letters


Nope, we’re not talking about the CNY snacks that cause waistline PTSD. Traditional V-day celebrations involved an exchange of actual love letters between couples. It is really cute don’t you think? But alas, technology has rendered the practice obsolete, and emailing heartfelt words feels kinda silly (are you supposed to CC the parents?). 


Wedding couples can revive this old custom by having guests slot their scrolled messages (love letters) into a pigeon hole. Replace those mainstream guestbooks for something much more fun and engaging!


It will leave a deeper impression for all the guests at your wedding!

Valentine’s Day Wedding Tip #5: Violins, violins and more violins

Violins are angelic instruments that are sure to amplify the romantic mood of your wedding.Take caution though, they may also sound like cats being slaughtered. So be meticulous when selecting violinists for a live performance. 


For a safer alternative,  add more violin-based tracks to your wedding playlist. Creating a soothing ambience…


Many timeless ballads and wedding classics feature the violin. Think about it,  Pachelbel’s Canon in D has been adapted only a billion times. The delicate melody of the violin expresses your love story beyond the boundaries of the human voice. Brides walk slowly down the aisle in their wedding gowns because they’re savouring the deep emotions from the music – though it seems like they’re trying not to trip. 🙂



We at La Belle understand that wedding couples and their loved ones are disheartened by the recent outbreak.

Be cautious, don’t worry, keep smiling and things will get better soon!  La Belle is confident that V-day will bring some joy and sunshine back into our lives. 


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