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5 Ways To Keep The Weight Off For The Holiday Season

5 Ways to Keep the Weight Off for the Holiday Season

Keeping weight off …sounds impossible sometimes doesn’t it?

Do we eat to live or live to eat? That is a question that is super conflicting within the minds of countless brides. What’s worse? The upcoming festive season is going to present many delicious temptations! It is a time of caring, sharing, meaningful conversations and… mouth-watering meals! 

Sometimes, it really is a matter of short-term gains and long-term goals. Enjoying that scrumptious buffet versus looking tres magnifique in your wedding gown. But can brides have the cake and eat it? (pun intended) 

Tips for Keeping Weight Off #1: The Green Potion

The Japanese are known as one of the healthiest and longest-living people in the world. Their secret? Green tea. The drink is brewed from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and offers a plethora of benefits. Some of these health perks include improved metabolism – which prevent weight problems. 

Wash down your meals with warm green tea (but avoid sweetened bottled ones as these are counterproductive!) to improve digestion and maintain a healthy weight. Green tea is especially effective at breaking down oily foods that are known to pile on the pounds. 

Tips for Keeping Weight Off #2: Regular Physical Activity

Physical activity comes naturally to our prehistoric ancestors, which is why they were so slim and fit. Unfortunately, 21st-century human beings like us, are spoiled and pampered by the convenience of online services (McDonald’s delivery fans, you know who you are!) and sedentary jobs. 


Aside from hitting the gym just like every other person, consider incorporating some simple tweaks to your lifestyle. 


Why not install a standing desk at your workstation, or use a balance board while you’re cooking, doing laundry or watching the television? Or walk to the nearest mall instead of taking a bus? Remember, every bit of activity goes a long way to ensure that you fit into your perfect wedding gown!


Tips for Keeping Weight Off #3: Fruits & Vegetables Help You Cheat


If you need a quick snack or you’re feeling hungry in the ungodly hours at night, consider a fruit or vegetables – this applies to the X’mas season and any other season really. 


Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutritional goodness such as vitamins, and even replenish electrolyte levels to keep you hydrated.


The best part about fruits and vegetables is that you can binge on them until you’re full – without bursting calorie limits. Additionally, these natural treats provides you with a rosy complexion that will have you looking your best in your wedding photos.


Try to avoid citrus fruits at night though as they may aggravate your gut and disturb your beauty sleep!


Tips for Keeping Weight Off #4: Consuming Smaller Portions


Enjoy everything in moderation. Renaissance genius, Paracelcus, once said, “the dose makes the poison.”


So true, so true. 


You may eat anything you like as long as you watch your portions. If you don’t trust yourself, use smaller plates. Take smaller bites too while you’re at it. By doing so, you’re making your food more digestible, which means that your body can fully absorb nutrients and…wait for it…prevent fatty build-ups and unsightly bulges. This will allow you to slip into your wedding gown without struggle. 


Tips for Keeping Weight Off #5: Your Partner As A Lifeline


Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay self-disciplined – especially with foodie friends whispering into your ear. This is where your partner comes in (time to put that marriage teamwork to the test). Arrange in advance of a party, let your partner know that you really want to stay slim over the Holidays. It could be a simple nudge on the shoulder or silly facial expression – come up with a couple code to enforce your eating habits. 


You will both be thankful when you look stunning in your wedding photos!



The team at La Belle Couture wishes all brides and brides-to-be happy holidays! It really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas with the extremely cool weather! We hope we’ve helped you ease your mind with the weight concerns – have fun, stay healthy and don’t stress yourself over counting calories!


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