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5 Ways to get the Romantic Reflection look in your pre wedding photos

Pre Wedding Photography tips – The Romantic Reflection

There are many creative and interesting ways to create a “double visual” effect when it comes to wedding photography nowadays. The sea, a nice reflective table, a strategically placed mirror, you name it.

In this post, we share some interesting photos we have taken of our dear couples to tickle your pre wedding photoshoot inspirations!

1) Where’s my mirror?

Photo location: Forlino


Photo location: Little Children Museum

Photo location: Your car / or any vehicle’s side mirror


2) A reflective surface

Photo location: (Tanjong Pagar) Any car/vehicle will do

Photo location: Forlino

Photo location: Forlino


3) Make lemonade when the weather hands you a lemon!

Never mind the unpredictable Singaporean weather! While most couples get discouraged when the sky starts to turn grey during the day of their wedding photoshoot, there are sparks of ideas to help you create a romantic feel!

Photo location: Puddle along the road


Photo location: Desaru, Malaysia


Photo location: Marina Barrage


4) Using another tool/camera

Photo location: Colbar

Photo location: (Any park) Get creative with your mobile phones!

Photo location: Singapore National Museum


5) The all time favourite – The sea or a lake/river!

Photo location: Desaru, MalaysiaLa Belle Couture Pre Wedding Photography Reflection z1401 (2) copy


Photo location: Taipei, Taiwan


All photos taken by La Belle Couture. Visit for more wedding photography inspirations!

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