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5 Wedding Banquet Preparations You Need To Remember

5 Wedding Banquet Preparations You Need To Remember

Wedding banquet preparations are key to one of the grandest and most interactive parts of a wedding. Brides and bridegrooms finally get the golden opportunity to meet and greet their esteemed guests for the first time since the mad rush of their wedding preparations. 

With that said, it is exceptionally important to leave a memorable impression on all in attendance! We look at 5 things to consider for your wedding banquet to ensure everything goes seamlessly as planned!


Wedding Banquet Preparations #1: Shopping for Wedding Favours

Wedding favours come in all shapes and sizes these days. Some couples prefer to sort their gifts by gender but of course, this is completely optional. Favours are a token of goodwill for your attending guests and a well thought out gift can go a long way in setting the tone for your banquet.  

The choices are aplenty when it comes down to wedding favours. Choose packaging (boxes or drawstring bags) that suits the colour theme of your décor to spruce up your banquet tables. The favours are one of the first things that your guests see as they settle down in their seats, so first impressions count!

Recent wedding favour trends have included stylised chopsticks, key-chains, napkins, teacups, and much more. Try to avoid perishables such as candies and chocolates if you want your guests to take home a lasting memento from your special occasion.  Additionally, keep away from some taboo items that may be considered inauspicious to more conservative and traditional guests.

Decorative enamel ornaments of your bridal gown and groom outfits and other forms of creative artwork are also popular options. You may consider hiring a graphic artist to design a monogram for your items to make them more personal.    

Wedding Banquet Preparations #2: Special Dietary Arrangements

Yes, it may be your big day, but stay inclusive as far as your guests are concerned. After all, they took the time to attend your ceremony. If you have invited guests who have special dietary requirements (e.g halal, vegetarian or kosher), then you need to check if the venue is able to cater to that!

Certainly, you wouldn’t want anyone starving throughout the ceremony or packing their own lunch box!

Usually, there is a menu at every table to indicate the dishes and its details served at the wedding. That would definitely help your guests to know what they are eating (and if they do feel like trying something out of their prepared meals!)

Wedding Banquet Preparations #3: Wedding Props to Make Your Banquet “Pop”

A wedding isn’t complete without styling up the venue!

We are talking about elegant arches, gorgeous centrepieces of assorted flowers and other miscellaneous props (think of balloons, fairy lights and more flowers!). These props can really liven up the atmosphere and even complement your wedding gown when paired with the right colours.  

Our partner, Rosette Designs & Co, are experts when it comes to styling a wedding. With a wide suite of services under them, you can definitely have an eye catching wedding that will leave an indelible mark in the minds of your guests!

Wedding Banquet Preparations # 4: Practice makes Perfect

We cannot stress how important this is. Don’t ever throw yourself into a banquet unprepared! Rehearse your couple walk, the way you hold your wedding gown, plan your grand entrance, find the ideal spot where you wish to pop the champagne and slice your dummy cake, and of course, proofread your speech! Much rehearsal is required before the actual day. 

Practice will keep you focused and confident for the event and of course, prevents embarrassing mistakes that your guests will not be soon to forget!

Wedding Banquet Preparations # 5: Hiring the Right Emcee

Emcees in a banquet are pivotal towards the quality of your wedding! Some couples entrust their relatives and friends with the role, to reduce costs or to add sentimental value. However, do so at your own risk when hiring non-professionals, who may not be able to hold the crowd!

Professionals may be costly, but they are trained in maintaining the flow of your program. Games-centric, audience interaction, humorous, or slow and romantic – you can choose the mood of your desire with a professional emcee. 

A smooth banquet is like the icing on the cake, applying the perfect finishing touch to your romantic celebration.

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 


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