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5 Wedding Compliments Brides Don’t Want To Admit That They Like To Hear

5 Wedding Compliments Brides Don’t Want To Admit That They Like To Hear

A wedding is a beautiful and unforgettable affair. Wedding compliments are a way to congratulate newly-wed couples on their wonderful journey of love. 

La Belle Couture takes a look at these 5 awesome wedding compliments that brides secretly wish to hear but will never admit to. 

So beloved well-wishers, we hope this gives you a little bit of a hint on what to say for the next big day you’re attending!

Wedding Compliments for Brides #1: You Look Amazing in that Gown!

After clocking in hours of gruelling browsing and testing for the perfect wedding gown, this is one of the greatest things that brides wish to hear. Better still if you’re able to pay compliments to the intricate designs in detail. Guests are bound to make a bride blush with statements like, “wow, what pretty sequins”or “that veil is simply picture-perfect!”


If you know shades of Whites/Creams, and you can identify them, telling them how the shade matched her skin, giving a glowing look would definitely broaden her smile.


Although the most important thing is for brides to feel confident and gorgeous on their wedding day, all feedbacks goes a long way. The cheerful appearance of the bride might even improve the results of wedding photography images!

Wedding Compliments for Brides #2: You Two are a Match Made in Heaven!

Imagine that, even the Gods have aligned the stars to give their support. That is precisely the meaning of this compliment. Brides will feel assured of their partner and blessed by the comment. It doesn’t get better than two souls destined to come together as one. 


Oh, if your bride isn’t religious, you could shake things up by saying “the universe has united the both of you.” Ta-da! Equally epic delivery without sounding religious. (Kind of cringey for you? But you get the idea…)


Wedding Compliments for Brides #3: The Food is Delicious! 

  Yes, food is inevitably a part of most wedding celebrations. As one-half of the hosts, the bride would be delighted to hear how much the banquet preparation has paid off. By exclaiming how delicious the food is, guests are indirectly sharing their perspective of the celebration. Is it good, meh, or poor? 

Although weddings are the couples’ big day, they expect guests to thoroughly enjoy themselves too. So, go ahead, compliment the food, drink, dessert – it will make the bride smile with satisfaction, the perfect accessory to her wedding gown!

Wedding Compliment for Brides #4: I’m so Happy for You!

Sometimes, a compliment is as simple as sharing how you genuinely feel. Weddings are a happy occasion, in fact, they’re rapturous! So, go up to the bride and tell her how grateful you really are for the invitation to such a grand and important occasion in her life.  


Share with her, how truly happy you are for her to be able to find her partner of her life! She’ll be moved by your happiness for her.


Happiness is infectious. Or was it laughter? Anyway, a wedding should contain loads of both and the bride will welcome any gesture of goodwill with open arms. 

Wedding Compliment for Brides #5: This is Amazing!

Amazement is a type of happy shock where expectations are blown straight out of the water. By telling the bride that her wedding is amazing (as a whole), you’re essentially comparing the affair to a dreamlike-fantasy! She’ll feel that all these wedding planning and arrangements she did were worth it! She’ll feel beyond words and feel that every second, minute, hour and day invested into the preparation was well worth it!



The most important thing for any wedding compliment is sincerity. Avoid over-the-top statements that might seem pretentious! (Don’t try so hard, just be natural…)

Also, you might realise that each entry ends with an exclamation mark because they’re meant to be said with gusto! Say it like you mean it and with great energy like a wedding deserves. 


Perhaps the best compliment (even surpassing the ones on our list) are those that are delivered with a personal and sentimental touch. “I knew you were destined to have a magical wedding since we were in uni.”


What are some compliments you’d love to hear as a bride and what are some unique ways that you can offer your congrats to the blissful couple? Let us know via the comments below!

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