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5 Wedding Photography Misconceptions That Most Singaporean Couples Have

5 Wedding Photography Misconceptions That Most Singaporean Couples Have

Wedding photography is a process most Singaporeans go through. After all, weddings only happen once. You want to document the best memories not just for you to reminiscence, but to let your guests swell in envy!

However, there are many misconceptions pertaining to wedding photography that have. While we thought that wedding photography seems like an easy task, it is actually very far from it. Read on to find out more!

Wedding Photography Misconception 1 : All Wedding Photographers Do Is To Take Photographs

Wedding photographers do not only just take weddings photographs (though it directly translates to that). Just speak to any professional photographers. They will take you that it involves a lot of hard work. This includes behind the scenes work such as editing the photographs.

However, before editing the photographs, they have to also first run through the hundreds (even thousands at times) of pictures to sieve out the badly taken ones. For example, when the subject blinked their eyes or if there is a gust of wind that blew the bride’s wedding gown in an awful angle. This requires time and effort. Just imagine how tiring it is for their eyes…

Apart from that, they need to be able provide suggestions on wedding photography locations and designated areas at the location. At the same time, they need to analyse the surroundings. This is to see how they can best capture the perfect moment is also part of their profession.


Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Misconception 2 : All Professional Photographers Can Take Any Kind Of Wedding Photos

Taking pictures of wedding couples are more complicated than taking pictures of non-living objects. As a result, this requires wedding photographers to possess a unique set of skills which not all photographers have.

Some of these skills include, having an eye for details, knowing how to make use of wedding props to complement the wedding photographs and wedding couple. Another important consideration to take note is also the facial expressions of the wedding couple and guests, the ambience of the occasions and so forth. Wedding photographers have to take extra note of and be able to work around them skillfully.

Plus, they need to consider a couple’s state of mind at the point of wedding photography. The role of a wedding photographer is not to merely taking wedding photo. They need to know how to lighten the mood so that the couples are much more natural as they have their wedding photos taken.


Wedding photography

Wedding Photography Misconception 3 : A Suitable Wedding Photographer Can Be Chosen Just By Looking At Their Portfolios Online

With the convenience of the Internet, couples are more tech-savvy now and are likely to share their wedding experience and wedding photographs online. Thus, with such information readily available, reading reviews has become quite the norm. Soon-to-wed couples can then browse and select their wedding photographer by reading and looking at the wedding photographs shared by other ‘graduated’ couples.

However, as with any other wedding photographers, mere words are insufficient to show and tell how good their photography skills are. Portfolios are very very important. Hence, most wedding photographers showcase their wedding photography skills by segregating them into different concepts in wedding photography. These concepts include Korean style, garden themes, oriental grand shanghai theme, rustic vintage and so forth.

However, for a wedding couple to decide on which wedding photographer to engage by just looking at the online portfolios is not enough. It is important that you are comfortable working with them too since they would be following you around the whole wedding day.

Imagine having to work with an authoritative or sulky photographer, it just instantly dampens the mood, which should not be the case since it is a HAPPY occasion after all!

Wedding Photography Misconception 4 : A Good Wedding Photographer Is One Who Has Commendable Photo Editing Skills To Perfect That Picture

No doubt photo editing, as mentioned above, is one of the skills that a wedding photographer should possess. However, the photographs should not be over-edited till it looks too artificial, or worse still, the person in it does not look like you!

Bottom-line is, a good wedding photographer does not need to have that kind of photo editing skills to make you look like Jessica Alba or Hannah Quinlivan! Besides, you are uniquely you, so why try to change to be somebody you are not?

Wedding Photography Misconception 5 : A Good Wedding Photographer Is One Who Is A Perfectionist

For your actual wedding day, it is difficult to perfect every pose and expression since such wedding photography is taken on the go. It is different from pre-wedding photoshoot. Often, you are unable to redo that pose or facial expression.

However, that being said, there are still some wedding photographers whose perfectionist mentality jeopardizes the naturalness of the wedding photographs. This causes them to look artificial and posed. Furthermore, with the time-constraint on your wedding day, there is really not much time to retake the pictures over and over again. Not to mention, this may cause frustration too.

On the other hand, the mark of a good wedding photographer is to be able to be in control of the situation. He/she should also be able to bring the natural side of a couple instead of forcing them to do a certain pose. That, alone, can be a daunting task as every couple is different! So a wedding photographer must be comfortable meandering around different situations and working to his/her advantage to capture the best wedding photos.

Wedding photographs should be natural, that is perfect in itself.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography

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