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5 Wedding Photography Opportunities You Should Never Miss

5 Wedding Photography Opportunities You Should Never Miss

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Wedding photography opportunities enable wedding couples to encapsulate priceless moments and expressions. On a personal level, they help you reminisce the good old times that happened on your wedding day.

A collection of memories and a special love story to tell, you may just want to revisit them from time to time, and showcasing them to your children in the future! While wedding photographers may be well-versed in capturing major elements of your wedding day, there are many specific moments that every wedding photographer wants to capture.

Here we share 5 wonderful wedding photography opportunities you should not miss!

Unmissable Wedding Photography Opportunities #1: The Wedding Gown

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Wedding gowns are by far one of the most significant wedding details to which the bride and wedding guests pay the most attention. Sorry grooms, you have got to admit that most of the attention falls on your gorgeous bride, but we know you don’t mind, right?

Well, brides, you have wrecked your brains over which wedding gown to choose. So, it only makes sense to take wedding photos of how effortlessly radiant you are in your wedding gown! Since you will be wearing your wedding gown for the whole event (or half, if you intend to wear a coloured bridal gown), then you might as well embrace the model in you. In other words…WORK IT!

There are several ways to capture the beauty of your wedding gown. One way would be to simply hang against a plain wall or against the window. Your wedding gown will look absolutely stunning!

After that, you can slip onto your wedding gown and snap a photo of your radiance before you embrace the celebration! Besides, posing in it would certainly look magazine-worthy before you set off for your wedding ceremony.

If you have chosen your wedding gown because of its intricate beautiful embellishments, highlight it to your wedding photographer and have him or her capture them! Because it would be a real pity if you hadn’t!

Unmissable Wedding Photography Opportunities #2: The Wedding Heels

Finding the right pair of wedding heels is as brain-wrecking as choosing your perfect wedding gown. However, these babies are often overlooked as people are often overwhelmed by how gorgeous you look in your wedding gown. Capturing your wedding heels that focus on them solely will help you remember how special they were.

Unmissable Wedding Photography Opportunities #3: The Wedding Rings

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The circle of your wedding rings symbolises the eternal love which you and your partner have for each other. Solemnizing your wedding officially and before you say your wedding vows, putting on the wedding rings on each other’s fingers is yet another special moment to capture indeed.

Unmissable Wedding Photography Opportunities #4: The Wedding Decorations

Brides, hands up if you all are guilty over perfecting your wedding decorations! Well, we are sure most of you are, heh.

you have spent so much time and effort in decorating your wedding ceremony, how is it okay to not highlight the extravagant decor? Especially if the artsy-fartsy side of spent days and nights on DIY-ing them, all the more you should proudly show off your creative artwork in your wedding photography!

Unmissable Wedding Photography Opportunities #5: The Wedding Guests

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The main lead of a wedding day is no doubt the wedding couple. But what is a wedding ceremony without your beloved wedding guests, comprising of your dear families and friends? You may have pre-arranged table shots at your wedding, but what about those precious moments of your parents shedding tears of joy? Or the roaring laughter of your friends?

These are indeed unforgettable and well-cherished moments and expressions not to be missed!


Despite the importance of the presence of the wedding couple, it is not just them alone who make up the whole wedding ceremony. Wedding details play a part as well. So don’t forget to capture all other significant details for your wedding photography!


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